NMS Assistant App

Does anyone here use the app? I’ve been using it for a bit, and they’ve had some really good updates the last few months.

They just added a Storage Container inventory section, which is an awesome addition! Now I won’t have to go search all 10 containers just to see if I have a specific item. LOL


I never bother accessing the containers directly, only through the inventory, where you do see all the contents. The stacking when dumping things kinda sucks, and it would sure be nice the inventory had filters, but it’s certainly better than hustling through my containers.


I think I should have clarified a bit further. It’s an app called NMS Assistant. :wink:

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Yes, I understood as much. My point was, you can see the entire inventory in-game.


True, so long as you have direct access to the containers.

If you’re not anywhere near them, it’s nice to have a quick reference point available without having to go all the way back to them. I’m often several systems away from my CS. LOL

You mean that app with the nice GUI where you manually manage what is in which container? I don’t know how to number the cargo rooms on my freighter… Every time I’m in the freighter I quickly drop off something via the x menu and it goes into a random container, so tracking is kinda useless. :frowning:

I used the app rarely to look up bait recipes for animals I want to tame.

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I labeled the wall at the back of each room after I built them. LOL I used to do the same, just drop off stuff. But then I went a little mad and sorted all the contents. Now I go to them to drop items into specific containers. :crazy_face:


What I did instead if using the numbered stickers was, I coloured the rooms with a colour that I associate with the content … :innocent:

I hope the containers are still numbered somewhere, because I changed all the containers‘s names too… (Which was handy once when someone placed down “public” cargo containers on a community planet with the message „take what you need“ because I could verify by my custom naming that the only content I can get from them is my own.)


I number with decals and color the storage room and I still can’t remember where things are. On the planet you can label your storage containers however, the labels do not carry over to the freighter. I requested this thru zendesk but, so far, no change.
I may have to try the app.


I use the same colour coding over 3 games and base out of my freighter on all three, although my layouts are quite different in every location.
I have main bases in each game, that also have containers which follow the same routine.

I keep the 0 and 1 room/containers as ‘Yellow’ building/crafting type stuff and this allows me to easily send some stuff remotely as it always dumps into 0 first and then 1.
After this, I use various colours which sort of indicate what things I’ve got horded away.
I try to have a bit of absolutely everything and keep on topping up boxes that have spare space.
It does require the occasional tidy up and it would be extra nice if things already in storage would stack instead of default dropping into the lowest numbered container with available space but I’ve gotten used to it.


@Topher: I changed category to ‘NMS Beyond’.

I personally gave up on trying to keep things sorted in those containers. When they announced the labels, I had hopes of improvement, but nope. They have become a large quantity single dumpster having 10 random access points, which makes no sense. Sorting is only useful if you plan on forcing yourself to always physically interact with them. So yeah, remote dumpster it is!

Although I have heard great things about the app in general, I see no use for doing the sorting through it, as it will just get messed up again in-game. An endless struggle which should have been ‘sorted’ by HG long time ago.


I totally agree! I was hoping for better in-game organization of them when Beyond was released.

My post was really meant to be more general, in seeing if anyone else is using it. It’s packed with helpful features. The Portal Library is worth it all by itself.

I brought up the new Container feature because it’s the newest and I am always looking for a way to keep a handle , however tangentially, of what’s in them.


I am personally not really into using apps, but this one is certainly useful for those who are. It has some great features and I am sure more are being worked on. For those interested I will include a link below, as I did not see it mentioned :wink:


Thanks - looks good, could be helpful - one thing i have not had time for is ingredient recipe combo experiments…now for that spicy-iced-anomalous-souffle-crepe


I haven’t made that one yet. LOL I am working my way through the recipes, though.