Recipe resources

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the resources available on line and in game to support crafting, refining, and cooking. In game, if you have made it before you can look to see what you need to make it again, and on-line you can do the same even for things you haven’t made before. I have nothing but love for the people who post and maintain such resources. The fact that I am about to say “But…” does not take away from that love.


All these resources, at least that I have seen, seem to be formatted around answering that same question: “I want to make X, how do I do that?”

What I want, badly enough that I am considering making it myself if I can’t find one, is a resources formatted in answer to the question: “I have a load of X, what can I do with it?”

As an example, I have a base where I do my bulk storage and refining stuff. I have a variety of plants there because it is where my farmer hangs out, and since it is the right environment there are a handful of star bulb plants. Unless I am seriously engaged in something else, when I pass through I harvest the plants and dump the stuff into storage, and I pass through frequently because I am sort of a hoarder and I am frequently dumping stuff into storage. It’s nice to be able to say “need ag product X, check bin number four” and usually find plenty. But when the ag product bin is getting full it usually has a few thousand star bulbs in it.

A resource where I could look up ‘star bulb’ and see ‘sell for this -or- can craft this adding that or this adding that or this adding that -or- can refine into this with that or this with that or this with that -or- can cook into this with these or that with those (through to end products)’ would be great I think. Something where I could look at the options and choose what to do based on useful information like what else I need and what the end price would be.

As I said, I think this would be such a great thing that I might make it myself. But first I figured I’d ask if someone knows where I can just find one.


Check out the Assistant For No Man’s Sky app! Sounds like it’s just what you’re looking for.


That’s close. Doesn’t have the ‘all the way through to end products’ info that I’d like-ie yeah, starbulb cooks to pilgrimberry but I have to open pilgrimberry to see what I can do with that, etc etc. Of course putting the complete tree on the page would never work on a UI made for a phone…which is at the end of the day why this isn’t what I want. Phone app limitations are really annoying to me since I am not using a phone. Super cool tho and thanks for the suggestion!


I agree that there needs to be a better way to cross-reference ingredients. I would like to complete the recipe list in the game but find that having to back out and look up what makes A and what makes B so I can make C which is used along with F to make J, is just too tedious.
I tried to make a branching tree graph at one point but gave up. There are a ridiculous amount of recipes in this game.
I do like the NMS Assist app. It is the most convienient reference source I could find.


Yes. Something like a food recipe database where you can see recipes that use specific ingredients.


I just wish that all these games that have overloaded resources would include a blasted search function.

And especially NMS which is my favourite and exasperates me endlessly as I scroll and scroll to find that resource I need for this cake recipe.

And don’t get me started on having to switch containers and on still not being able to see what is in ships/vehicles while on the freighter without going to the ship platform or to a planet. :joy:

I love the idea of a resource that you use to find the recipes for the item in hand. Doesn’t the wiki do that?


I very much have the impression that a lot of what happens in NMS is specifically designed to give the player things to do. Tasks that could in other circumstances be simple and straightforward, in NMS become incredibly complex and labour intensive. It’s make-work. Time fillers.

Think about combat. You have ships computers that can automatically warp you half way across the galaxy - but if you get into a fight, you have to recharge your shields and weapons by hand.

“Just pause the battle a minute, Mr Enemy - I need to walk down to the engine room and shovel coal into the boiler - I’ll be back in 15 minutes”.


@Timsup2nothin these may not be exactly what you want. I use these 2 spreadsheets. One is for Refinery Recipes the other is for the Nutrient Processor. Sorting by the ingredient columns is very helpful. I did not make these but I use them regularly as I have multiple mining and farming bases. Sadly they are not updated to v4.23.


So this is nice but, here is what I wish I could do…

Say I want to make Angelic Fruitcake, I now need to know how to make Extra Fluffy Batter. If I could tap on that and have the recipe open in a drop down list or in another window, that would be awesome. Of course, I may need more recipes for the components in the Batter, which means I would need another drop down list or another window…