The crafting and refining thread

The new crafting system seems ripe for experimentation and creativity. I thought it would be nice to share things we learn about it here.

I don’t have much currently, I didn’t get to play around with it a lot yet. The one thing I tested, I tested out of necessity. Since the terrain manipulator was guzzling ferrite dust in obscene amounts, I decided to measure how more efficient it actually is to power it with magnetised ferrite, which is two refining tiers above ferrite dust.

To fill up the TM completely, you need 200 ferrite dust. ferrite dust converts 1 to 1 to pure ferrite. I haven’t actually measured how much pure ferrite is needed to fill the TM, it was just an intermediary step. In any case, pure ferrite converts to magnetised ferrite in a 2 to 1 ratio. I.e. you get half as much magnetised ferrite as you had pure ferrite, which by extension means half as much as you had ferrite dust.
But get this - it takes a lousy 20 magnetised ferrite to fill up the TM. The stuff is a full 10 times more efficient than ferrite dust. Which in the end means that you’re getting 5 times the ooomph if you refine your dust.

Do your inventory and your mining laser the favor. Believe me, the time it takes to refine is less than gathering 5 times more dust, and the carbon it takes is a lot less than your mining laser will eat to gather it.

Speaking of carbon, I imagine a similar rule applies there. Haven’t measured it yet, though.


Love the way you think. Was going to do it myself.


I’ve actually started up a bit of a “recipe book”…

Input Ratio Output
Ferrite Dust 1:1 Pure Ferrite
Sodium 2:1 Sodium Nitrate
Carbon 2:1 Condensed Carbon
Solanium 1:2 Carbon
Dihydrogen 30:1 Dihydrogen Jelly
Oxygen 1:1 Carbon
Cobalt 2:1 Ionized Cobalt
Tritium 5:1 Platinum
Residual Goop 5:1 Silver
Pure Ferrite 2:1 Magnetised Ferrite
Salt 2:1 Chlorine
Junk Metal 5:1 Ferrite Dust
Copper 2:1 Chromatic Metal
Emeril 2:3 Chromatic Metal
TetraCobalt 1:150 Ionised Cobalt
Carbon Crystal 1:150 Condensed Carbon
Rare Metal Element 1:150 Pure Ferrite
Activated Cadmium 1:2 Chromatic Metal
Activated Emeril 1:3 Chromatic Metal
Indium 2:4 Chromatic Metal
Paraffinium 1:1 Ferrite Dust

Captain Harry, I’m surprised at your behaviour. As a minimum, information this sensitive should be subject to ISO/IEC 18033-3 encryption.

What would Elizabeth Leighton think?:grinning:


Doesn’t matter now does it? :wink:
I could encrypt it like a madman… Or y’all could help me finish my recipe book.


Now there is some interesting KNOWLEDGE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sorry, I thought this was a safe space for those of us who are big nerds and keep endless spreadsheets :roll_eyes:


Silver won’t refine at all. The refiner won’t accept it.

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Just in from the reddit:


Well they’re a lot faster than me, I suppose.


Well, I was thinking of making an infographic about this, and saw you beat me to the data gathering. So I went to see if anyone else had gathered the rest of the data, and found someone else beat me to making an inforgraphic! :sweat_smile:

I mean, I’m still gonna make one, but now I don’t need to rush. :sunglasses:

I suppose that’s informative - but it’s sunk our community activities for the next couple of days…:grinning:

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I’ve got plenty to do now I’ve found that every plant type needs a particular mineral to be grown.

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I’d love to see an infographic that makes the exchange rates clearer. It’d also be interesting to know how much time it takes, and how much fuel it takes.


Ho ho ho, I haven’t been here for months.
Anywa, I’m happy to see that all the plant crap I have on my freighter is at least halfway useful :smiley:

Only obliquely connected to crafting - but the first space battle you find is REALLY easy - I think they cut off your opponent’s thumbs - and when you win (as you almost must), the captain GIVES you his freighter.

With 16 x 1,000 storage, everything becomes so much easier.


Better check the VIN. Might be stolen if he happily gives it away :upside_down_face:

Edit sorry for going off topic


Storage is directly relevant to crafting. If you can’t do one, you can’t do the other.

And if the freighter is stolen, who cares? Everything seems to be trying to kill me anyway. Stolen vehicle squad is just another minor annoyance.


You are not wrong there.
I need so much so I can hang onto stuff I don’t even know what its for yet. I’m gradually burning through my huge stores of farites. It seems every single material that was rendered obselete, turned into farite dust or one of its dirivatives. I had my storage nearly full!
At least the pure stuff is good for building cuboid base bits.

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Well, they didn’t make the conversion for “Rare Metal Element”… And I really wish I knew how to make that! For sure I would not turn that into 150 Ionised Cobalt!!

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