Nerfed Once More

I see my large refiners have quietly been limited to 2 per “local area” (whatever that is).

Nerfed again!!

I wonder what other sneaky retrictions the Fun Police have dumped on us?


Yeah, this one got me too. :frowning:

Shortly before Synthesis I realized the portable gas harvesters were still bugged - they empty themselves when unattended. I decided to claim a bunch of new base sites on different biomes and build hotspot extractors to harvest the gasses & other materials for refining. After doing that, I realized the refiners are bugged too, and will also sometimes erase their contents when running unsupervised.

Well I figured instead I’d now have to just gather the raw materials at the other bases, then add a bunch of new refiners back at my home base for some babysat processing. And that’s when this new limitation put a kink into that plan.

As far as I can tell, the “local area” is a radius of about 30 units. So you can place additional refiners as long as there are not already the max number within that radius. 3 max for medium refiners, 2 for large. So ultimately I was able to build everything that I needed, but had to spread them out.


@Polyphemus: I Changed category to NMS Beyond

They introduced this limit when Synthesis was first released. I assume the new mass production has something to do with it, but there are in my opinion better ways to prevent that. The new toys are cool, but ridiculously OP. Whoever even uses the Autonomous Mining Units or the Atmosphere Harvesters anymore? I’d rather see them fix some of the old bugs instead and find a proper balance.


I have 6 large refiners that I place at the beginning of BEYOND.

I wonder if this means I can no longer put them all into production. I will check when I get a chance and will report back.