Medium/Large Refiners


I need to know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

I play on ps4>Normal

  • Im not a new player, I did have saved content before NEXT
  • Latest update (NEXT PATCH 1.55)

ISSUE: I cannot learn medium and Large refiner blueprints ( I do have portable refiner)
- From my understanding , you get them through base building missions, but I completed
them all before NEXT update.
- When I go back to talk to my overseer (construction) there are no more missions
- Is anyone else having this issue?
- Will I just have to hope for another patch update?


Hopefully this helps. Have you built a cylindrical room yet since Next? If not, try doing so and you may then be prompted with more base missions etc. I saw this suggested where someone could not progress their base mission to recruting specialists at terminals. This specialist ends up giving you necessary blue prints.


The Large Refiner is indeed unlocked through the Base missions, which first requires to place a cylindrical room, as @frozenbullet7 mentions above. I believe the Medium Refiner is unlocked through the Base Archives missions (Base Computer), which for pre-NEXT saves has just been fixed with the latest patch (1.55).


Even though I completed all base missions before the next update was even released? @DevilinPixy @frozenbullet7


My base computer also never gives me missions


I always build a cylindrical room first and I haven’t gotten any prompts about anything.


No base archive missions on my legacy save yet. No medium refiner, but the large refiner has appeared in the build menu under permanent tech :slight_smile:


Hi this was patched today on ps4 large refiner appears in permanent technology tab.

Base archive missions are also supposed to be fixed in today’s patched but still no sign for me, but have large refiner now so not too worried bout medium refiner at the moment.

Happy refining travellers!


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Not too sure on this one, I have not touched my old save just yet. Perhaps try setting up a new base temporarily on a different planet and constructing the room.


Yep! Joined right after atlas rising came out! I think I was a lurker beforehand.


Looks like the patch gave me the large refiner although I don’t have a pre-NEXT save and although I shouldn’t have gotten it yet…

Changelog: Fixed an issue. Introduced new issues.

The old tale of the software developer… :smile:


What are the differences between the large refiner and the medium refiner?
I’ve barely touched my legacy save since NEXT arrived & I only recently got the large refiner in my newer save.
Just interested to know the purpose of each one.


Not sure about medium refinery as archive missions still absent on legacy saves. But large refiner has three slots and doesn’t need any fuel. Still haven’t used it though, was kinda hoping it would let me process stacks of 500 or something but it’s three stacks of 250 that are supposed to refine into something new. Have yet to mess around with it so have yielded zero results but I believe there are diagram trees online showing combinations.


Interesting because medium refiner has 2 slots and requires no fuel…I have not found a combo


I don’t know it it’s a bug/glitch but when I put silver in my large refiner it produced glass??


Yeah I found the same thing; whatever it is we should take advantage of it while we can since farming now is dead. Also platinum can be refined into nanites for some reason. I think the main difference between the medium and large refiner is that the medium refiner takes up less space since the large refiner goes in the center of a room.


This is one of the ‘new’ recipes, likely due to the new grow times for farming.

Pugneum does the same, both being ‘new’ recipes.