1.53 for PS4 now available

PS4 users can now download 1.53. I’m just about done. Here is hoping for good news.


@MacForADay was able to restore his base. :sunglasses:


I restored mine, some minor glitches with doors, but all plants still there! Installed blueprint analyzer, but cant get medium or large refiners. I suspect I’ll have to do the base missions, again. Still, good times!


I restored mine too, all doors are working, the ladders were covered up at the top but was still able to climb up and down through the ceiling/floor, I replaced them anyway just in case, how are the medium and large refinery’s obtained?

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Still not very stable. Played for an hour before it crashed, just as I was entering the atmosphere of a ‘malfunctioning planet’, ironically.

Large Refiner is obtained through a base mission from the Scientist, while the Medium Refiner is unlocked through the Base Analyzer missions (Base Computer Archives) after about 50%.

However, it appears that players using an existing save may not be able to get those (bug). Keep an eye on Steam Experimental for a fix.

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Just downloaded the patch 1.53. I logged in. Standing on a planet in original orange avatar outfit from when NEXT downloaded. My exotic squid ship that was on the planet, is now a plain class c flighter. I can’t teleport to my base. Says I have no bases. Tried to reload my game to my base save from last night. Ended up on that same planet with the non exotic ship.

I’m at a loss for words. I can’t even pull out my freighter to see if all my other squid ships and exotics are gone again, or changed to something else. /sigh. I have several very elaborate bases that I spent over 15 hours each making. All gone.

OMG I just went to log back in and my 342 hours save is gone, and all I have is an 11 minute save. This is disastrous.

Cool thanks I’ll try putting my scientist back to work he’s had too much time off lately, and see if he has any new missions for me