Patch 1.5.2 live for Consoles

Have checked and still not recieving blueprint analyser or frigate fuel on my upgraded legacy save. However I’m thinking maybe the fix will not correct saves already upgraded?

I thought I’d make this thread so people can discuss if the patch fixed all these issues for them and if so, how did they do it?

Still can’t get old base mission to point me to an old base station, still no frigate fuel recipe for me and still no blueprint analyser.

I backed up my save before next launched so I can just recover that, upgrade it and see if the patch now correctly applies these things to newly upgraded saves only, but I’m still hopeful I can get these without losing a week of work on a new permadeath character I started while waiting for these bug fixes. I have no USB stick and only one store slot for nms on cloud storage so I’m at an impasse…

Please discuss your own findings and issues with this patch below if you’ve figured something out I haven’t? Maybe I’m supposed to go somewhere or do something now to receive blueprint analyser and frigatw fuel? Locked out of two of the biggest additions to the game and really want to experience them properly before community events begin, worried I won’t be able to take part.


These were my issues that were unchanged as of patch 1.51. Did patch 1.52 release in the past few hours for console? Unfortunately, I will not be home to check for another 8 hours.

And again it hasn’t fixed my corrupted saves…smh…getting really tired of this crap.

So far it has not seemed to fix some of the things currently fixed in pc via experimental and official patches.

I’m wondering now, if these fixes actually made it into the console version of the patch or if they sent it out a little early to make Cert in time for Tuesday?

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