Missing Blueprints after the blueprint analyzer

The following is from a bug report I just submitted to Hello Games:

Ok so my pre-NEXT save is still missing a lot of blueprints after I finished with the blueprint analyzer…missing at least 8(possibly 10) blueprints…I know that two of them are the medium and large refiners and one of them is the race checkpoint/ending thing(how can I possibly have the race starting but not the race checkpoint/end by the way?).

There’s also two locked product blueprints that look an awful lot like they are Remembrance and the Star Seed…but those aren’t products, they’re tech blueprints…am I missing something here?



Haven’t progressed this far myself yet but I’m curious if you found some anomalous base parts as well?

In the new save I started I never encountered it in the blueprint analyser but I have seen it in my newly restored legacy save. There was a blueprint for what is essentially a Fort tower with small blockade walls around the top in the base analyser. But it does not feature in the lists in the guide and its not in my menu. I think I’ve seen something we are not supposed to, possible content from community events or base peices deemed too buggy right now to let us use perhaps.

I’ll fast track my blueprint analyser progress today and let you know if I learn any of the missing peices, it’s also possible these are tied in to specialist missions we can’t access due to having done them all already. I seem to recall being at a point in my new save where the overseer was teasing the idea of a bigger refiner.

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Not that I remember off the top of my head…I’ll have to look through what I can build.

As for the missing stuff…that’s likely stuff that comes from the mission NPCs that I can’t interact with at all anymore.

EDIT: no I don’t see anything crazy or out of the ordinary in what I can build.

The four on the 3rd row in the first shot come from the Base Computer questline. The ones in the second screenshot are the old “Atlas Stone”, and the new thing from whispering eggs. I’ve never seen the Star Seed, that a new story unlock?

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That’s odd…why would I forget I’ve seen the Atlas Stones? I’ll try to buy one just to get it back in my screen. I never bothered actually picking up the stuff from the whispering eggs as it’s pretty worthless but I’ll get one the next time I go to kill monstrosities.

The base quests I can’t do on an existing save.

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The last 3 in the first image are for races and I can’t wait to give those a try :wink:



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But how are they supposed to be unlocked?

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I do have both the Booster and the Ramp shown in the catalog. I think I unlocked them as soon as I got the Vehicle builder. Have yet to build any vehicles though, not even hired the Vykeen for it.

The Race Ship Start I have yet to unlock myself and may actually not yet be available.


I can’t do anything with any of the base building NPCs.

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Yes, too bad it doesn’t work for existing saves just yet. I hope they can get that fixed real soon, I feel your pain …


Just a brief update on this topic, Hello Games replied to my submitted ticket today asking me for my save files, and I sent my saves to them. I only saw their email about an hour after they sent it to me and my reply with the link to my zipped saves in google drive file went out about an hour and 12 minutes after their reply.

My initial ticket included the link too but I guess they didn’t see it since I had the properly attached pictures you can see here in the opening post, their email didn’t mention anything about my link being bad, and they were instructing me to use something like google drive to send my saves. Before sending them the link again I also downloaded the saves from the link and loaded them in my PS4 to make sure they were the correct saves for the issue and that they worked. So hopefully all will be well and they’ll be able to fix this.


After this big update, I now have an issue with the Blueprint Analyzer. When I started my game the second time after the update, blueprints I purchased the day before returned in the Analyzer and were not present in my purchased blueprints. Will see what happens when I start up tomorrow.
Also, the purchase amount stays white now rather than turning red when I no longer have enough salvage modules.

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Which big update? 1.55 or 1.57? Any idea how widespread the issue is? Send your saves to HG for sure and potentially(if you can) get out of the Experimental branch…maybe the rough patches are also causing problems.

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1.57…the one from Aug 16…I honestly can’t keep up with the numbers

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