Personal Refiner: losing resources+items

I was making 5 glass with an almost full stack of silicate and a full energy level. I closed it while I attended to other things and forgot about it --until I checked it again about an hour later to find it flashing red in my suit, empty of everything! No glass, no silicate, no power.

It is exhausting how often the same blasted bugs show up over and over again.

I guess I don’t understand why in over three years these bugs have not been fixed. :frown:

If you, HG, have decided to make it a feature(like you have many other bugs and issues), then provide a warning. “if you close this now you will lose everything in it Close? Y/N”


KnightAlese found another bug this last weekend:

She suddenly found a “S-Class Hermetic Seal” in the input slot of the personal refiner. She could not move it or stack anything else in. (Basically, its a block suit slot now that can be moved around.) We have no idea what caused it other than she was using it copiously at the time.