Portable "Stuff Maker" not showing progress processing hydrogen jelly

When I was processing di-hydrogen into hydrogen jelly the machine started working showing a 2 minute timer.
You could see the fuel running down but timer was not counting down and there was no percentage for progress shown.
There was also no reduction of the input hydrogen indicated.
The jelly was processed nonetheless when I came back from a cigarette break.

I had exactly that and did 2 things that resulted in it working.

  1. I travelled to a Trading Post on another planet so the game had to render a new location. Bought some stuff and ran around a little.
  2. I then built a 2nd refiner on my freighter and did some copper.

By the time I returned the “broken” refiner had finished and I had some chromywhatever.

See if that works for you. Go far away and do stuff then come back.
Mines been working ever since.

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You don’t have the blueprint to make Di-hydrogen jelly manually? Or are you talking about a different kind of hydrogen jelly I haven’t head of yet?

You can make it with refinery, I dunno if this gives a better yield of dihydrogen to jelly than manually crafting one but it’s another way of doing it.

I’ve had a few bugs with refinery but not this one.

Another one to watch out for is “big ball”, it appears when scrolling through items to transfer to refinery using d-pad if you navigate back up, if it appears do not place it in the refinery :wink:

Speaking of the portable refinery…
Build/place one down and transfer something into it (let’s say 250 cactus flesh).
Then build/place another one down. Open it up and you’ll find the same ingredients in it as the first (250 cactus flesh). Now this isn’t an additional set as I only had 400 to begin with, and still have 150 in the exosuit.
Now if you try to pick up the second refinery, it says that it’s not empty. You have to take out the ‘imaginery’ ingredients to be able to pick it up (and checking the first refinery, it still has the 250 cactus flesh).

So… are these things supposed to be ‘shared’, or is it a bug?


I was unaware I could aswell craft it manually.

Wibble-wobble-wibble-wobble, Di-hydrogen Jelly on a plate! :confounded::gun:

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I ran into this issue in a new game as well. Using the refiner to create the Jelly from Di-Hydrogen always fails to start the timer for me, consuming fuel without getting the product. Was stuck for some time until I noticed it working by getting my game saved (in/out ship) and reload just after having started the processing. Moving away and likely some interaction elsewhere also tends to fix the issue. It remains broken for me when staying at the refiner.

I am going to (yes…) assume that skipping the “find/buy the blueprint” to make refined items is “not as planned” is a bug. Because this would mean that everything can be refined using the tool, removing another monetary sink from the game. I suspect that this is a bug that will be fixed soon.

Perhaps it was included in the game to allow players to “experiment” to “see” if an item can be refined…but not actually give you a refined item. Kind of a “put item in, put fuel in, see what the refined item’s name/attributes will be, go find the blueprint that allows the item to be refined” plotline?


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