Old bugs coming back_PC_Normal

In the last few days I have been once again getting strange popups that obscure large parts of what I want to look at when I mouse over items in my inventory or storage.

Instead of the description of the items I’m mousing over, I get a large description box for some part of the freighter, as if I were mousing over the engine or shields of the freighter itself.

It doesn’t go away until I close the open window and it recurs as soon as I try again.

If I want to look at stuff in my storage or inventories, I have to leave the freighter in order to do so.

I believe HG, you may have to reapply some more spit and chewing gum to this part of the code.

Also, When I open my storage in the freighter, I cannot retrieve anything from any of them. Not even getting the “your inventory is full” message. just click and nothing happens. (There are twenty-two slots available.)

These are old, old bugs that keep cropping up. Like the disappearing resources and items in the refineries and extractors.

Today, my personal refiner suddenly started flashing red. It had lost all the carbon-power I had filled it with last night,

This has happened now three times with the personal refiner. I tried to move it to a cargo slot so I wouldn’t have to see it flashing all the time, but --nope! Can’t do that.

I’m going to destroy it. I don’t have the spare slots in which to keep a useless random flashing resource eater.