Storage Containers-Again

I know this is an old issue that seems to resurface when there is an update and here it is again. Only, I can not seem to make any of the old tricks work.
None of the bottom slots in the storage containers will give me what is in them. A quick flash of the "this technology is critically damaged’ screen comes up.
I have a multi-tool with damaged parts however, this was not an issue until I put items into my containers 4-6.
Tried deleting and rebuilding. No good.
Guess I will try fixing my multi-tool and see what happens.

EDIT: Had to deforest half my planet but, I fixed my multi-tool. Did not fix the storage issue.
ANOTHER EDIT: Restarted my game. All storage working again.


Yes… there is a bug where a damaged item affects the interface with storage vaults.
Fixing or getting rid of the damaged item followed by a restart should solve it.

(It IS weird how old issues resurface during updates)