Fifth slot in base containers is locked

When i put element in it, i can’t access/move it.
Pc, 3xperimental, Steam.
So far the only bug met!!!

Edit : there is another one but regarding graphics when freighter/anomaly station are too close from a planet, we can see planet horizon/atmosphere through.

Try the other method of accessing the item and relocate the storage vault. Seems to fix it on PS4.

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Reported already! :wink:

Jumping on to this thread since it’s related:

I am only able to build one storage container on my base (re-started on a new save). I don’t know whether this is intentional, if more containers will open up later as per base-building quests, but right now I’m screaming for more inventory space and I just can’t understand how storage containers no. 1-9 are not present in the game?

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I thought that too but it seems you simply choose the next number box you want and you can still install it.
The Limit Per Base message seems to refer to the individual number of the storage vault not being able to be installed elsewhere.
See how you go…

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How do I do that? In the build menu itself there is only storage container numbered 0 present…

Oh… must be bugged.
Mine shows a line of containers with the used/unavailable ones shaded.

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Darn it… not the answer I was hoping for…

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@Mad-Hatter did you start on a new save? I have a guy on Reddit telling me that the rest of the containers will come as per in-game events after some time?

Sorry for late reply.
That was my 1.3 era save. All boxes were available.
That save survived briefly but the lag & crash glitch resurfaced with the 1.51 & 1.52 patches.

I’ve now deleted all saves off my PS4 and am in the begining stage of an all new game so I’ll be the one finding out about all the changes…way behind everyone else.
At least the game plays nicely now… :crossed_fingers:


Update: You have to build a cylindrical room and the overseer’s terminal. The overseer will give you pre-NEXT quests, among which the storage container ones. But note: he will only unlock container no. 1-9 since the one numbered zero was presumably already given to you by the base computer.

SOLVED! :smiley:


Good to know.
I’m on a new game now so these tips will be useful. :+1: