Cannot access old base storage

Sooooo… That thing that is supposed to give you your stuff back you used to build things in your old freighter when you buy a new one? Yeah, turns out it only works if it can dump all of its contents into your inventory at once. Which in my case seems to mean “sorry, you can’t get your stuff back ever, because it’s too much even if you empty the last morsel out of your suit”. At least that0s my interpretation, since I just get an “inventory full” message when accessing it.

I remember this opening like a normal inventory from which you could take stuff selectively…


I think that is a new bug.The last time I used that device I was able to select what I wanted, by the stack that is, I couldn’t pick up the stack and grab just some of it. That was in Beyond, but I’m not sure how far back it was.

I often got that message from the Freighter storage containers but the patch notes says they fixed those? Probably when they broke the old base storage units.

So yeah, a bug I think. Good Luck!


The Base Salvage Capsule only stores returned resources after deleting a planetary base through the Base Computer. Resources after changing to a new freighter are completely lost. Although the freighter is more or less considered to be a base, the Base Salvage Capsule will not work with it. There is basically no delete, but just a hot-swap between your old freighter and the new freighter with it’s default layout. I believe this is intended behaviour, even though I don’t get why.

There is however a bug with the Base Salvage Capsule as well, where the notification will always say “Inventory Full” when in fact it is just empty, causing it to fail any further interaction. When the Base Salvage Capsule is build on a Freighter, it will even give this message and lack of further interaction, when in fact there are resources inside. So basically never build it on a freighter, and consider it empty when built on planet side base when you get that message.

Once again amazed at how long some issues take to fix, not to mention the choice made to not have it apply on a freighter base in the first place.

Edit: This message bug and failing interaction on freighter was introduced with Beyond. I believe that freighters stopped being considered a base when they changed them with NEXT.


Also funny thing I noticed, freighters do not have power anymore on the second floor :rofl:
The funny thing is, the one in my old freighter still worked, but in my new one I couldn’t install a terminal on the second floor and have it powered. Hooray…


I was under the impression the Base Salvage Capsule was either for a base or for your freighter. They looked identical but the goodies inside related to the base you deleted. One worked for Freighters & one worked for Terrestrial Bases.

Before NEXT, changing freighters allowed you to build a BSC on your new freighter and everything that had been on your old freighter was now in your new freighter mounted BSC and off you go rebuilding.
Now it’s broken and won’t give you its contents.
Same went for terrestrial bases; When you deleted your base most of your stuff would be in the BSC available when you built your new base.

I could be wrong here (& I’m happy to be corrected) but I am sure I noticed that the inventories of each BSC were separate. Maybe it was like that and changed at some point…?

I haven’t tried testing this but given I’m about to demolish some bases, I’ll pay close attention to what pops in and if it is indeed separate from the freighter…and pehaps I can get my stuff out after all?!
Watch this space…


As promised.
PS4. Legacy Save.

Freighter mounted BSC inventory had some Pure Ferite. Was able to retrieve some.

Base located BSC had some chromatic metal & some nanotubes. Was able to retrieve nanotubes.

Went to small base and deleted it.

Returning to other base, BSC had extra materials from newly deleted base.

Going to freighter BSC & it only contained the Pure Ferite mentioned previously.

Confirmed. Freighter BSCs & Base BSCs are separate inventories & in this test both functioned.

Next test will be my permadeath game which had a broken freighter BSC giving ‘Inventory Full’ message.


Ok. Fired up my Permadeath Save (PS4)
I simply get the ‘inventory full’ message as soon as I try to access the BSC.
I cannot even see the contents; it simply refuses access. I have no idea what’s in there but I’m pretty sure I swapped freighters at some point long ago.
BROKEN. :weary:


Thanks for the interesting test results @Mad-Hatter.

So your Legacy save basically has it working as you would expect. It appears to function as it would prior to saves created since NEXT.

Your Permadeath save appears to function as it would with saves created since NEXT, with the Beyond bug included.

I had done extensive tests with a new save back in December 2019 (Beyond). Only planet side bases would store resources after deletion. While not being able to access the Salvage Module on a Freighter at all. I never thought of testing older saves.

So it appears to matter when a save was created or possibly when the BSC was placed for the Base Storage Capsules to function correctly or not? Perhaps it matters if you have a freighter from pre-NEXT or later?

Interesting to note is the fact there are in fact 2 inventories created in the save file;
ChestMagicInventory and ChestMagic2Inventory
These store the contents of the Base Salvage Capsules and are apparently for planetary bases and freighter bases respectively.

Where I assumed losing freighter base resources was intended behaviour, I am now almost convinced this is just bugged with saves created since NEXT. We should report this and not simply accept the fact that getting a new freighter makes you lose what you had built in your previous one.



I was going to do a test using my latest 60hr game (normal ps4) but it looks like you’ve covered that.
Just have to wait for a patch I suppose. :roll_eyes:


Same here on PC with day one save.
Freighter’s previous base inventory just stopped working after NEXT update and since then always show ‘inventory full’.
I had to swap freighter during beyond update due to teleport tech and additional tech slots.
But even though I’ve dismantled everything manually in order to get ‘clean’ previous freighter base inventory - it did not help.