Items in freighter storage missing

Hi all. First post here.

I organised my storage into organic, tech, components, minerals and valuable minerals on my freighter.

I went back after bringing more up from my base and the first line of minerals had disappeared and the whole of components has disappeared too!

Is this a bug or can the freighter be looted without me knowing?

Is it safer to store at my base or on a freighter?




How many storage containers on the freighter and how many at your base?


First off- there are many bugs, it could be.

I never heard of anything being looted in that sense in NMS. When other players invited me, and I accessed their containers, it always showed me my own cargo content, I could not have looted anything if I had wanted to. (A fun way to prevent griefing?)

You can build 10 numbered containers. If you build the same container twice, let’s say cargo 2 on a planet and also on the freighter, it will automagically have the same content. Can you confirm that in your world?

Did you name your containers? I assume names persist. (I recall naming mine, but I started ignoring the names after a while for some reason, so I’m not sure.)

I wonder for example whether you might have moved contents between cargos on the planet, not realising that this would affect a container of the same name on the freighter. (That happened to me once.)

How do you access these cargos? Do you walk up to each and interact with it, or do you use the X menu on the freighter, or from elsewhere?


First, welcome to the forum @Monojo !
@AdaRynin brings up some good points. Yes, the name you give containers at your base now carries onto your Freighter. (Thank you HG)
Many new players do not realize that 10 is all you get and they have the same shared content between your Freighter and all of your bases. So starting with that piece of knowledge, maybe you rearranged content at your base not realizing it was doing the same aboard ship.
And I know of no way for someone to “steal” their contents however, in MP, you can share content. I stocked my daughter’s containers once. (she had invited me to her game so the containers had her items) That was several updates back so I am not sure if it is still the same now.
Another thing is the Quick Transfer which may not send things to the desired container.
Hope that helps.


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Thanks for all the replies and sorry I look like not bothered replying. I couldn’t remember which forum I used!

Yes it was naming containers so the contents had moved to my base.