Freighter build problems

Still using my old freighter in Normal. Thought that I’d put back the Storage Containers. They only go in certain places and when built there a large gap appears on either side. Just me or has this happened to others?

One place that I tried turned out to be behind a sign for area 1. Build it but couldn’t access it through the sign.

Haven’t played for a while. Is there a way to delete things that you’ve built? If there is, please tell me how to do it.


Are you on PC or console?

Sorry, I should have specified. I’m on PC.

So on this image, you can see that at the bottom, there is a list of building controls. “F” to place, “R” to rotate, etc.
(I think this image is from pre-NEXT so it may be different.)
You can also see that “CTRL” is for delete/color mode.
Press and hold CTRL to activate the Delete/color mode. Pushing F in that mode deletes the highlighted part.

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Thank you! I had forgotten how to select the object for deletion.

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I had the same problem too but I figured out a fix after falling to my doom when testing if those holes were real :slight_smile:

You know those 4 way corridors ? Place one surrounded by walled off areas with one way in and you can place a Container Vault in each corridor end :slight_smile:


I had the same issue tonight, and I only just bought a new freighter

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Thanks! Now that I know how to move things, I’ll give a try!

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Appreciate the information. I won’t be tempted to change freighters then.

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PS4 had the same issue . Fell to my death through the freighter.

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I also have those holes around my vaults. I figured they were real and decided not to hunt a glitch or restart by going into it.

I just consider them to be very clean windows.

Do you have multiple vaults?
I put a decorative trilley planter either side of my freighter vault…just in case.

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What I call vaults, I am talking about the storage units (0-9). But that leads me to the question: you have a vault specifically for your freighter?

Hey who votes that they add 5 more storage locations to each of the 10 Storage Vaults we already have in the game ?) I am totally running out of space with all my combined Ships, Freighter and the Storage :slight_smile:

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Got around to using the Freighter Cross Junction today. Connected two of them to hold the five Storage Containers. Works great! No more gaps in the structure!

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No just a regular vault, but I’m only allowed one per base (including my freighter). I used to have a wall of them.
Now I’ll need 10 separate bases to access my boxes (or do what I’m currently doing and swap them out as I need stuff)

Does this let you have multiple vaults?
I’ve got to try this!

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Storage Containers (vaults?) can be located on your freighter or base. There are ten of them numbered from 0 to 9. You can put some at both places or all of them at one location.

Ok…Since the 1.5 update I get a message stating LIMIT ONE PER BASE.

I think that that means you can only deploy each of them once. So if you’ve placed Storage Container 0 then you need to pick a different one for the next placement.

Oh? I must have been trying to place one incorrectly and assumed the message meant I couldn’t. I’ll have another go next time.
Might have nerfed myself :clown_face:

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