Non-placeable objects on Freighter

While re-organising on my freighter and having removed some Medium Refiners, I found myself unable to place them again. A notification shows it needs a structure to attach to. Apparently they removed snapping points for both Large and Medium Refiners on Freighters. Large Refiner can be placed freely, Medium Refiner can no longer be placed.

Note: I can’t capture the notification as that layer is ignored with ‘print screen’ for some reason.


Found a few more objects I was not able to place.

  • Sofas
  • Oscilloscope
  • Canister Rack
  • Simple Desk
  • Light Table
  • Expanding Cube Gadget
  • Holographic Globe Gadget
  • Large Monitor Station
  • Monitor Station
  • Server
  • Drawers
  • Many, if not most Statues, but somewhat random.

Lastly I found that you can not place a Fleet Command Room above the default floor.

I really hope the above and possibly some I missed will be fixed with a future update. I do spend quite a bit of time on my freighter and like to be able to use everything you’d expect to be able to. Freighters deserve comfy time too you know :wink:

Edit: I fixed my Fleet Command Rooms by save editing, because I used to have them there. I do however prefer to not have to spend too much time going through JSON, figuring out coords.


Powered up my PS4 Permadeath save!!!
The freighter is so glitchy it tends to strobe as you wander about.
Rebuilt my Storage Rooms in a massive backroom, one room apart, as the patch has not fixed the holes and I only get one chance in permy :astonished:
I’ve renamed my permy Command Ship The Glitchy Beyond in tribute.
Planters are all flashing with an unpicked crop in them and all the other faults are still going on.

I might need to take out a roadside assist policy before I take this old girl out across the cosmos :grimacing:


everyone should do so lol


Some good news! The glitchy walls no longer flash.
One step at a time. :grinning:

EDIT: Well, today’s PC exp patch caused a slight return of the glitchy wall but not as bad as before…I have noticed that this glitch also affects glass.


The glitch LOD base walls and objects have arrived in force with patch 2.09 on console so we’re in that silly dance you experimental folk were experiencing a few day ago.

I actually had my entire base disappear around me as well as the archaeological dog site, the terrain reverted to how it would have generated if that site never spawned there ;0;

Have the video timestamped if anyone wants to see a human panic over their vanishing base and shifting geology :joy:

48mins 45seconds in, should the timestamped link misbehave.

Edit: why did I think this was the thread about crazy glitchy LOD bases and what not? My bad :see_no_evil:


So I know we are talking about the freighter here, but can anyone place the medium refiner anyplace at all? I can not. I am stuck on the Base Archives missions because I can’t place the medium refiner on anything at all.

EDIT can be placed in a cuboid room but not in a wooden one or on the ground…


Yup, this bugged me for ages because I thought I was hitting the base area limit on VR after placing one wooden floor like I’ve been experiencing since the first few patches.

I was almost about to post it here until I decided to try a cylindrical room. Glad ymto see you figured it out too.

Not sure why they’ve changed med/lge refiners so they only slot into large structures and not the parts introduced in NEXT. Another possible oversight on the millions of things going on in this game.


From your list, these can now be placed
–sofas and simple desk, with careful effort
–medium refiner


So here is an interesting discovery.
I can place out the kiddie-sized ‘large’ monitor station just about any place (well, still very picky though about where it wants to go ). I can place out the normal and in between sized versions if they are in very close proximity to the kiddie monitors.

A word of caution though. These things make a lot of noise now.


I guess we just continue to add tricks to get what we want. As long as deleting the small ones will not result in different sized ones being deleted with it. Can be very annoying to see something getting deleted when removing something else.

These too now? I had noticed audio having been added to some of the other displays, not this one though.


The smaller ones can be deleted without consequence to the larger ones.



a side note, I am happy to see scaling on various objects and would love to see it being expanded on. I had previously been messing with scale and rotation in my save file and it allows for some really cool builds. Having it as a feature makes it a whole lot easier.

Now we just need scale per axis … :wink:


Unfortunately, I can not make this method work with the other problem items. They just will not place at all. I do not have any QS items on this save so I can not test those. I wonder why it only works for the large monitor station.
On another note though, remember the scene in Men In Black where Will Smith’s character gets the really tiny gun?


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I am sure HG will eventually work out the issues on the Freighter. The few parts you mentioned earlier is a start, the rest will certainly follow. At least planetary bases are less prone to these issues.


The wooden structures have issues with the same pieces. I can’t say for cuboid or the pre-fabs.


Are these smaller versions a bug or have these items been added to the game? Or has dementia taken hold already and I’ve forgotten about these? Can’t touch base building at all in vr, anything more than a floor and a desk and the engines just like, no, no pal. So decorations etc haven’t even got a glance from this traveller.


Scale and rotation have been added. It was all good clean fun until someone turned my controller off in Steam…:sob:


Fun thing about rotation …

All those objects that can not be placed normally on a Freighter, can be placed when rotated sideways or upside down. Of course some objects do not have the option to rotate, like the various couches and some other parts. They must have messed up collision or something …