Large Refiner placement bug (round room)

The large refiner is a nice machine, although quite large. Placement seems bugged to me though. What is apparently possible at the bottom floor (tower of round rooms), is not possible at the ones above. Rotation at the bottom floor is strange too, as I would expect it to be facing wall or sideways, in comparison to the door. For some reason placement is allowed, but rotated 45 degrees. Top floor allows placement right on top the stairs, which makes no sense either.

Some images below:

Bottom floor, allows placement behind the stairs, but rotated 45 degrees

One floor up this is no longer allowed, can’t place at all.

Top floor, now for some stupid reason allows placement, only on top of the stairs, although rotated correctly as it should.

No placement as allowed on bottom floor.


This would suggest that you have a way to feed yourself into a refiner. :slight_smile:


2 of me would make a new start faster :upside_down_face:

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I didn’t even know there WAS a large refiner. I never even received it. Lol. Waiting on anotber patch for this. Lol.