Large Refiner Collision issue

In a round room, there are 4 sides for placement. These single Hydrophonic Trays, can fit 2 next to each other against 4 walls. However, in some spots this will not work, while at other spots it does. There is nothing in the way either and you’d expect to be able to place a maximum of 8.


Original topic title: Single Hydrophonic Tray placement bug

I figured out the issue. I never realised the Large Refiner a floor below, actually had such a huge collision. The machine is in fact a lot higher than visible. This is why I have not been able to place the single Hydrophonic Trays the floor above it. You can see me standing on top the collision, floating. See images below.

I had now placed a hallway with a biodome and noticed how my player kept moving weird in that area. I basically kept bumping into an invisible collision. Removed the Large Refiner and all was fine again. So yes, that things is already huge, but collision is even larger. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Seems a lot of objects take up invisible space disproportional to the objects real size… I had the metal arch in part of my base and put a plain colored light up on the middle. Ever since, I can’t walk directly through the center of the arch, just middle-left or middle-right. It’s as if it thinks the light is in the way.

This also effects other objects placement, too. Above that arch was the second floor. I didn’t realize what was happening at the time, but the light kept disappearing. Turns out that I had dropped a refiner on the second floor right above where the light is on the archway. So when I picked the refiner back up, the invisible space the light takes up somehow connected with the refiner? Like deleting the arch would obviously get rid of the light, but it’s invisible space is so large that even totally separate objects can ‘attach’. It’s so weird.


Should be an easy fix to adjust mesh colliders, so hopefully HG hears us!

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