Cannot build glass dome on existing round room

Has anyone else had this problem?

I had always planned on adding a garden dome on top of my refining station, but when I tried to position one today it just kept saying “Invalid Position”.

I then tried the large round room and that gave the same result.

My character is not inside the existing room, and is far enough away to be able to place it. Have tried with camera mode, and, without camera mode.

I have tried logging to the menu, but still not able to place it.
I tried logging all the way out and back and also still unable to place it.

My first speculation was that I placed a ladder first, then tried to place the dome.

I thought maybe the ladder was stopping the placement of the dome/round room, so I removed the ladder and tried again, but no luck.

Then I went back to the save I made just before I placed the ladder. But still not able to place the dome/round room.

My base complexity is on ultra, and I can place the dome or the round room anywhere else except on the existing round room.

If it has nothing to do with placing the ladder first, then my next suspect is that glitch that would not let me add wires to connect a new batch of supply depots and harvesters to an existing working array until I flew into space and back.

I went to the Freighter, debriefed my crews, sent them off again, sold some stuff, and flew back to the base.

Still unable to place dome or round room on top of existing room.

As a further test, I was able to place a new round room and then place a dome on top of that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only other conjecture is that the 7 large refiners inside the existing round room are somehow interfering with the placement.

Other than that, I am at a complete loss, though I am still suspecting that ladder somehow got saved even though I took it down.

(“Help me, Obiwan ETARC! You are my only hope!”) :sob:


Hate to say it but most likely it is the large refiners blocking placement. Remove them and anything else in the bottom dome then try again. If it works, then try placing the refiners back in.


Yep 100%. Refiners stop placement above those rooms.


Yep. Before I’d read beyond the first paragraph, I was thinking refiner colision issue.


Ugh! Thank you all!

I remember wondering about that. I even walked all round inside and out to see if there was any way they could be blocking and could see none so I forgot about it being an option.

I guess I rebelled at the thought. :joy:


Yes, the Large Refiners have collision that goes way above the visual refiner. You will actually notice this on the floor above. It might be possible to place the refiners after, but keep this collision in mind, as you may likely end up with the same issue when trying to place crops in your dome.


Thank you! :heart:

Having anticipated that possibility, I decided to place another round room first and then place the garden dome atop that.

Removing the Large refiners, placing the upper rooms then replacing the Refiners worked! (Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!) Thanks to everyone who responded.

I love being able to look out over my planet through those nifty new glass windows all the way around. I’ll see if the collision affects any furnishing in that room.


I expect it will, but do let us know!


So far I’ve been able to place a couple of Nutrient processors on the second floor no problem.