Freighter empty and Discoveries gone

My freighter was completely empty when I returned to it yesterday, as if I had just bought it. Luckily I had only put containers and refiners in it, but I have submitted a Bug Report to HG. Any one else had any similar issues?
PS. my discoveries have also gone away, bummer.


@Player2bnamed: I have turned your reply into a topic of its own, as your issue is different from the topic you posted in.

I assume you have restarted to see if that would solve the issue. Maybe you could reload a previous save if available? Does the issue still persist if you do?

I am also curious if you are still able to build in the freighter. Do the containers still have their content like it should after rebuilding them?


Hi Dev, I reloaded but no success there, and I din’t bother with a previous save since I didn’t lose that much and am planning on getting an S class soon anyway. I am able to put the containers back, and they are still loaded as before the glitch. It just seems as if the game deleted all the content inside the freighter, but the slots remained full of their content, which was my biggest concern.


Have you by any chance used the Nexus teleporter, which has been causing many players issues with bases disappearing? I have also noticed multiplayer at times causing issues, not sure if the case here.

Considering you are on PC and looking at your fully upgraded Exotic, I assume you use a Save Editor. You could actually check to see if the Freighter base data is actually still there or empty. Let me know if you want me to explain how.

Other than that, make a regular backup of your saves, just in case :wink:

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I actually play on both consols, the squid is on my PS but I have similar on Xbox as well. It’s referred to as skinning, I can explain more if you like. As for the glitching, it may be multiplayer related, this all happened after I was helping a new player get started and when I joined his game and went to the Galactic map I was 0 light years from the core and my game froze up.


I had never heard of that trick before, but just looked into it. So not PC, no save game editor, just a weird trick/glitch that can be exploited. I got ya :wink:

As for the issue, I am really starting to believe that Multiplayer session syncing issues are the cause, as it seems like things get all mixed up between players at times. Hoping HG will be able to pin it down and fix it soon.