All Base Items Vanished

We have an even BIGGER problem…

ALL of my doors and windows have disappeared…

When I placed a door and went inside…

…everything is gone.


The only items left on my entire base are the tech items.

Online discovery services are active and the base is still registered to me…
also my QS is gone…I saw someone on twitter mention this as well.


should this not be put under bugs, problem?
I’ve seen several like this and the bug list is somewhere else


I believe this is listed under bugs and issues…
Thankfully, I did not save. Reloaded and I am now stepping through what I was doing, which was deleting and rebuilding storage containers, to see if I can make it happen again.
If your QS disappears, DO NOT SAVE.



i will look again, finding interesting bugs, trying to catch them for HG lol


Have not been able to duplicate. One thing I did though, I accidentally placed out the Base Salvage Container…I quickly deleted it because I was looking for the Large Refiner…I will try that again.

EDIT: Nope. Not it.

It also seems my QS was already gone. It was not there when I reloaded…must be a separate issue


I think the disappearing QS came with the latest update. Some report that all has gone missing, others only miss some. Considering the varying loss with reports I have seen, I doubt this is intended. I have also seen reports where they claim this to happen after talking to the QS dealer …


Dang, some weird issues. I’d hate losing a base(s) or large part of it/them. Sadly enough, you’re not the only one … :hugs:

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After doing some upgrades on a small outpost base in an old save to retrofit power, I decided to hunt for some drop pods. Once I’d used the signal booster, I turned around to discover both my new ellectric door & my galactic terminal had vanished :unamused:.
I rebuilt them & then refrained from using the signal booster anywhere near the base. After I’d gotten my 2 suit slots, I returned and my base was ok.

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Some were saying it’s linked to buying from the nexus alien vendors that deal with nanites. Claimed it went down at the same rate of the item purchased for nanites. I only had a few things to get from there and snatched them up so I didn’t notice that, if it’s true.


I bet its that same NPC that’s been stealing everybodies ships!!

@zsigmond I bet they know where Emily is too or, perhaps even work for Emily :scream:


Time to extract information the hard way!!! lol