Vanishing Base Parts

This is happening again. Building my base and all is fine, I walk away from my base and then return and various parts have vanished.
My doors and windows, the pieces of floor at the tops of the steps, some of the low wall pieces and my station for my exocraft tech…
I have had vanishing parts for the last couple of small updates but it seems to be getting worse.
Now I also have things moving on me like the green storage container which was already there. It has somehow gotten stuck in the wall??? What is going on?
EDIT: add to the list, all of my solar arrays and batteries… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe we find a pattern? Do you have save points in your base? Have these parts been there for weeks, and one day, they disappeared, or did you add them just the day before? Do you have many bases? Large/complex bases? Terrain manipulation? Do you travel back and forth between them a lot? Do you often visit other people bases?
Just wondering whether there is some sort of buffer that fills up and this base doesn’t fit in anymore?


Yes yes yes yes y y y y :smile:
I have always had many bases. This vanishing issue has started since Beyond. I start a new game with each large update. This time, I seem to have started having trouble sooner. I have maybe 6 bases right now. Most are very small. Some have been deleted. Unfortunately, refilling with the new TM feature does not seem to help. The only bases plagued with this are the newest ones. My first Beyond base is unaffected. Unfortunately, I really want to leave that planet. It seems I am stuck with it and its non stop raging storms. Or maybe I will have to start over…


I was going to ask about the amount of bases, but it seems unlikely you have hit the global parts limit of 20k objects. Maybe it is a rendering issue, where apart just refuses to render? I have had that happen occasionally, where a reload often fixes it again.

If you wish I can have a look at your save to see if anything is out of the ordinary? Let me know through a DM.

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Thanks! I may send that to you later.
Does deleting bases regain your part count? Or is it stuck like terrain edit?


When you delete bases, they get removed from your save data, including all the parts. So yes, this should free up space again, even though the game has no indicator for these global limits.

I have so far avoided checking the terrain edits again, but for as far as I know these are still stored together with terrain changes caused by base parts, in a separate location. I assume terrain edits still function as it did in Next, with base removal not changing the terrain edits count.


So here is the low down.
I scrapped what I was doing and rebuilt in the same spot. Everything was fine. I have MP disabled.
I swam out to gather some cyto-phosphate and when I returned, my decorative trees were gone.
I know they are there, because if I add another, next time there will be 2. They are supposed to be on the tables.

Also, an issue with the decals.
I put them on a wall and could not delete them.
So I deleted the wall. Well, the decal was still there, hanging in the air.

So I put the wall back and the decal was indeed still there. But, after swimming away for the cyto-phosphate, part of the decal vanished.

I may try to send you that save file.

Edit: logged back in and the trees and decal have returned


I have a problem on PS4 where a placed decal is behind the wall layer & can’t be removed once placed. Must be much stronger adhesive these days :laughing:
Probably requires deletion of the wall to access, which can be a real problem on complex builds. :confused:


Like I said, let me know and I can have a look. I am able to see exactly what the save has stored and I can make it visual in Blender. Might be very useful to you and can most likely be fixed.


I deleted the wall. The decal remained. You could see it as I was moving the new wall into place. It is like it was adhered to the air