Only One Base Allowed Now?

I took some time on my new save to further the Artemis path while collecting more Salvage to purchase blueprint items.

When the story took me to the Anomaly for the second time, I finished my business there and decided to portal back to my Home base I and resume building. The Nexus portal took me to my station, and I took the station portal to my base. It was clearly mark on the port and I landed right where my base portal should have been.

However, when I arrived through the portal, not only was my base gone, but the base computer, the small refiner, the organic engine thingy, and the portable construction thingy, were gone. The whole thing as if they had never been.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I built a second base in a different system a couple of days ago. Therefore my question in the title.

Has anyone else had this happen?


Hmmmmm…this might be related to the Nexus portal issues. Strange things happen when using it.
I have had all my base items disappear but not the base itself.
But, I have not built a second base.
Hopefully, others have.


I’ve gone back to the previous save which was of just stepping out of my ship into the Nexus an hour earlier. I guess I’ll take my chances and see if it helps to fly out and then portal through a station.

EDIT: Nope. Left the Nexus by ship, flew to station Portal to base…The base is still listed on the portal and still delivers me to the no-longer-existent base.

Ah well, it’s early days yet. Bound to have Coprite and Faeceum happen.


As @sheralmyst said, it appears to be related with visiting the Nexus. Many have lost their bases and I would say it is currently the biggest issue present. Hello Games are aware of the issue and trying their best to get it fixed amongst other issues.

Best to keep a backup prior to visiting the Nexus, just in case!

I am actually curious if you are playing on PC or not. Perhaps your save or possibly an earlier backup still has the Base data. Should be able to get it fixed with a save editor if that is the case. Let me know and I may be willing to try help you out.


Yes, PC only. That’s a very kind offer @DevilinPixy, I have pretty well moved on with it for now. Things have gotten far too complex in NMS for me. Getting old and inflexible.

I’d like to go and take down my second base, too, and not bother with it until I find a nice serene planet to build on. Both bases are/were rudimentary, so not a great loss.

The save editor is a good idea, once the author has it caught up with the game. And if I get stuck at that time, I may then see if you are available to assist.

Thanks again. :heart: