What does Uploading a Base Do?

After I made my first base --a small shack with a portal and dropped a few things near it (a base construction terminal, the power thingy that uses organics, and some wiring), I then made a second base in another system, but about twice the dimensions. Both were just wooden shacks.

I didn’t upload either one. But when the storyline told me to return to my base, I went back to the first one through the station portal. And ended up in a fallow field. That base --including the portal-- was gone, even though it had clearly showed in the station portal list and delivered me to the spot where my portal had been.

I went to the second one to move the quest along, and have been using it as the place to work on the main base-building quests (Still trying to get one of those entities to cough up the "Save Point " recipe, but still no luck :sob: ).

Did it disappear because I didn’t upload it and then made a second one which I haven’t yet uploaded?

And if I start a third base on another planet (without uploading the base I’ve put so much work into), will my second base disappear as the first one did?

Should I upload my Second base before I build my third, so I can still use it while third is under construction?

TL;DR: What does uploading a base do, for good or ill?


Can’t help regarding the uploading of bases as I’ve never done that.

However I do have multiple bases. I think that it was in NEXT that planetary anomalies increased so I decided to place a round room with a teleporter on each unique one. So I have my main base plus around 14 other bases (which I had to visit in BEYOND and add solar panels and wiring). They were all there. The Teleporters still show a bunch of Space Station locations as well.



No, that is unrelated. Uploading a base is for the sole purpose that people can see it that are not currently in the same shard as you (i.e. that don’t have realtime synchronisation with your gamestate going on).
Your base just disapearing from your game like that would most definitely be a bug. Were you building it alone, or together with somebody else? If the later, there’s quite a few possible avenues along which I could imagine for such a bug to go, but in the first case, I’ve got nothing.


You didn’t return through the Nexus Terminus did you? This has caused player’s bases to disappear. HG was working on a way to restore them but I have not heard if the last update was successful in doing so.
Going through the Nexus Terminus has caused some players to be guests in their own bases. If I understand correctly, bases are invisible to guests unless they have been uploaded. (and only 1 base per system is visible?)
Can you look at the Base Computer? Or is it gone as well? The BC will state if you are a guest or not.

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Your save remembers your game details ie base layout, ship type, equipment, upgrades milestones ect.
Your base upload allows others to actually view your base, should they visit via portal or warp but only applies to the most recent upload per planet. (This is different to full multiplayer where you share the same time and space).

PC users have been struck by a bug where the base they travel to via the NEXUS ANOMOLY teleporter simply vanishes or glitches ownership.
I have not experienced any issue with PS4 but admittedly have been exclusively playing offline simply because I know that the multiplayer component surrounding base sharing in the ANOMOLY is bugged.

Provided you don’t use the NEXUS ANOMOLY teleporter you should be safe in rebuilding your base and accessing it via other means. :crossed_fingers:


Actually that did help! You’ve made bases on multiple planets, haven’t uploaded them, and they are still available --at least on the terminal. Wether they are all actually there on the planets is yet to be determined.
Thank you! :heart:

I’m not totally sure… But it is possible that @Malveka and I were grouped and in the same system, though I was building it alone. Thank you. :heart:

No, I left by ship thinking it would send me back to same system I left. It didn’t; it sent me to a different part of the Galaxy the first time.

Everything was gone including the base computer.
Thanks! :heart:

Thank you! :heart:

So just a glitchy PC glitch. And I should be ok to build another base on a different planet, as long as I don’t use the NEXUS Portal (until they fix it).

And it is not necessary to upload the bases unless I want people to be able to see/interact-with them.

That is all most reassuring. Thank you all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am actually curious to know if the data for your base actually still exists in your save file. Have you ever tried a Save Editor?

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That sounds like you inadvertently joined somebody’s group… Might be related to the problem, difficult to say.


Not yet. Mal is in crunch mode with his work and I would need him to check my computer to see if I have to do a windoze update before I can install the necessary Java files.

I imagine it must be there since it shows up in the Station Portal list and I can go there via the station portals.

I don’t feel the need to get that one back. My main concern was if it could happen again.

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I more or less understood that this particular base is of no real interest to you. Would just be interesting if your save actually contains the base data. Data for the Station Portal List is stored elsewhere in the save and may not be directly related to base data actually existing or not. I can imagine you can actually have teleport data without a base existing, where only manual deletion of a base should remove the entry for teleportation. However, even this doesn’t always happen :wink:

All I can suggest is to regularly make a backup. A save editor can often come to the rescue if need be.

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Thanks for the clarification and further info.

I am now keeping a backup. And I may have the Save Editor installed soon. Thanks again. :heart:

BTW, if/when I find that info I will let you know.