Base buildings disappearing

I had 2 bases.

After I placed the first base computer, I found a better site a little ways away and made a 2nd base.

I decided to keep only 1 of them so I deleted the first one.

What’s weird is that I noticed when going to delete it, was that I could Upload the base even though there were no buildings at all.

At the 2md base I had a bunch of buildings, but I couldn’t upload it because it was too small.

After deleting the 1st base, all the buildings at the 2nd base disappeared, but the base computer is still there.

Is this a bug or did I mess something up??

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bases now merge together when placed close enough to each other.



That’s messed up.



Actually, people have been asking for cities for a long time. This may be the start of how that will be achieved. It just hasn’t been perfected yet.

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@SirGreenDay: I have included the prefix ‘BEYOND’ in the topic title.

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