Another Player Base Overlapping/Intersecting Mine?

I play in Solo Mode and I created a base around a 4k nanite (31 runaway moulds) farm early in the first week of Exp. 5. Today I warped back to my base to find it player altered.

In the photo below you can see a v-shaped wall intersecting my base, as well as two portable refiners, that have somehow been placed on top of/intersecting my base that someone else somehow put there:

Here are my Network settings:

I cannot remove the v-shaped walls. My game says they don’t exist even though they block me from accessing my lower trade terminal:


And though I can use the portable refiners, I cannot move or remove them:

It seems obvious to me that to someone else this spot would be ideal to pop up a small base to farm the moulds and was unaware that one already existed here (in another dimension). It is a very profitable nanite farm.

Extremely frustrating. I’m hoping it will pop out again next time I warp out.

Anyone else come across this “dimensional flux” problem with any of their bases? I will be trying a few things, and if anything works will edit this post.

Wish me luck! :crossed_fingers:

EDIT#1: Tried 1. Going through the base teleport to the station and back did not remove the offending base parts.
2. going (via base teleporter) to another station, quick saving at ship, logging all the way out: Log back to station, Go through station portal to base: The interloper is gone! Hooraaaay!

Edit#2: Went and did some stuff at my Settlement, got the beginning of the “A Trace of Metal” quest. Ported back to my main base and the interloper’s additions were back. (Sigh) :cry:

You can see both my own base computer and that of my interloper, FnlFntyUna.


Yes. I did this to someone else in one of the early expeditions. I felt so badly. I guess it is all in the timing of the upload? I dont know. Anyway, I deleted my base and have stayed away from populous expedition areas ever since.


That was kind of you! How did you find out about the other base?

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I went back later and there it was. At the time I built my base, I could see only part of theirs. Technically, I should not have been able to build where I did. When I returned later, the other player was there. The whole place was a mess. He was not upset. We both got a good laugh out of it. Not sure if deleting mine helped. There were bases everywhere. Most could not load and returning to the planet was painful. I thought my game was going to crash. :smile: The NMS universe is a strange place sometimes.


When settlements were new and everyone got the prompt to start one, someone built a base through my settlement… (It was not that my settlement was generated over his base, because the other player’s floor panels were clearly following the empty space between the settlement’s buildings).

Neither of us knew that new houses would be added and whether that would cause a conflict soon. I could not interact with his things and I also did not try to “report” them.

His base computer was right outside the village, and I think it is still there. The settlement name shows up with a “console controller” icon, I’m on PC and am confused about what that means.

The floor panels that he had added as pavement disappeared soon after, but left shallow trenches behind, not too deep, the NPCs were able to walk across.

And I wonder what it looked like to him? Did he see the buildings that my quests added or does he only see his own additions? Was he wondering why I kept returning to “his” overseers office?


I keep wondering that as weel. ;`)

My first Settlement triggerr landed me on a settlement that was overrrun with Sentinals. It was a lovely planet, lush paradise type. To my dismay, once I cleared the sentinals, I went to claim it and found that it had already been claimed… A week later Mal gpt the message to help out a settlement. And ended up in thee very same situation. Same base, same planet, already owned by the same person. lol

Like @sheralmyst said above:


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@sheralmyst – I like your new profile image. Looks a bit like a floating eye at phone-reading distance. :grin:


I am watching you… :face_with_monocle: :laughing:


The interloper’s base is expanding on top of and through mine. It now blocks so much of my base that I’m starting to think I may as well just delete it and find another spot.

Sometimes it disappears completely, but now I know it will be back again. All I have to do for that is use a base or station teleporter.

I don’t even think it is the same player’s base as before. The name of the base is different and though I can’t recall completely, the player’s name is different, too.

So what is causing this? So far there seem to be at least three bases on/near the same location. Perhaps there are more? So damned frustrating!


Can you leave a message (commball) and ask what it looks like to them? :innocent:


And then they leave a comm ball inside your comm ball and the messages overlap. :laughing: jk


I doubt if they can see my base, Ada, or I’m sure they would not have built there themselves, but would have farmed the moulds and used all the helpful facilities I already have in place there.

I have found a workaround (for as long as it continues to work: hard save and log out to the mode select screen. So far when I get back in, the increasingly built-up interloper base is gone. That is, until I warp away and come back later.

I do find it fascinating that I can see both bases overlapping like a cubist nightmare, but the interloper seems oblivious and keeps adding on to their base. :upside_down_face:


@TravelEcho , you are not alone

So apparently there is a way to do this deliberately…:face_exhaling: using a mod made specifically for this purpose. I suggest you report their base. That is supposed to make it invisible but the mod may block that as well…report to HG for sure. Let them know a mod may be involved. You are likely dealing with a griefer.
As soon as @DevilinPixy is back, I am sure she will have more insight.


I’m not ready to assign malicious motives in my case. It is a very good spot for gathering nanites and my base is set up completely. It has save points, base portal, all the storage containers, two large refiners, three medium, and one portable. It has a landing pad, and a universal exomech calling thingy, and two trade terminals (one above near the (31)moulds/storage, and one below near the refiners, There is also a double set of small insta-port modules that will take you to the nearest npc outpost that has a good supply of components for building and upgrading. (I have a second base computer, save, and base teleport there as well.)

I am completely solo mode. I need to give the benefit of the doubt to a person who seems to be only making additions to their own base on weekends, and who is basically populating it with the same things I already have in place for them to use if they so wish. So I must reasonably assume they do not realise there is another base there that is full free for them to use. Somehow the game is telling them it is ok to claim a base where mine already exists.

In my case, when I re-log, their base is gone. As long as that works. I can live with that, though it is a pain.

It makes me sad that some people get their dopamine shots from making others miserable. I can even see why someone would make a mod like the one you described to help them build collaboratively and not realise the negative consequences of some spoiler coming along and using it to torment others. But until there is proof of intent to grief I will just relog to make their base disappear when I need to use mine.

Call me a Softy… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’m looking forward to reading any comments on the matter from @DevilinPixy .


I’d report the issue to Hello Games anyway. They need to know about the issue.


Not saying this is what is happening at @TravelEcho s base but, something to be on the watch for, sadly.


A friend of mine sent me that link this morning. I found it lacking in detail. Perhaps there will be more info at a later date as to how this is possible and how it can be prevented.

EDIT: Weird. I just realised that the page wasn’t showing me the full article. And the only way I could get to it was by clicking on the link to the comments. Hence my remarks above about it not being very comprehensive. o.O

I firmly believe that the base intersecting mine is more of a bug than an intentional act of griefing. I don’t want the interloper’s base to be banned or removed, just the boundary that separates game modes replaced so that we wouldn’t see them overlapping. overlapping.


Overlapping player bases can happen, even unknowingly, nothing much to do about it besides HG making changes. I would not consider this to be a bug, but a logical consequence of the way base creation is implemented. Can it be done differently? Sure! Can it be prevented? Most certainly! Feel free to offer suggestions, but do realise that making changes to the current implementation will likely have consequences for what exists already.

When you create a base, it will not be visible to anyone unless you either upload it, or another player is in the same ‘instance’. Even when a base is uploaded there is no guarantee for it to be loaded for a visiting player. I am not quite sure on the exact mechanics involved. Upload will also take time before actually becoming available on the server, even when edits are made to be re-uploaded, it can take a full day to take effect in my experience.

I can see how easy it is to unknowingly create a base where another already exists. Having Multi Player disabled likely increases the odds. There is no server side check when you put down a Base Computer to see if the area is clear. This check fully relies on what is actually loaded for you. A base is almost always loaded into your save, but I have noticed it can likely load a base into memory as well. So in general, if you do not see any other base near, you can create a base.

Knowing the above, you will realise how easy it would be to overlap a base, unknowingly or purposely. There are additional tricks that can be (ab)used as well, such as expanding your base area by placing building parts. In some cases mods or tools are used. Base overlap is often used to allow larger bases and close proximity, as you will regularly find in community hubs.

When you create a base, the area starts with a radius of 300u around the origin. Most base parts (outside of decoration) will expand the area with a small 50u radius around it when placed at the current edge. You can continue to do so up to 1000u from the origin. So the actual ‘protected’ area is always only 300u radius around origin at start. As you build, the protected area expands only around the base parts placed. This means there can always be overlap with a neighbouring base at the edges.

In almost all cases no harm was meant. Having players do this on purpose is exceptionally rare. All you can do is make sure to check your permissions in network settings and report as needed. You can report any base from the quick menu without a need to have access to the Base Computer. A Report will make it disappear for you immediately and sent to HG for moderation in case additional actions are required.


So, like I said, @DevilinPixy might have a little more insight. :laughing:
Rule of thumb, I make sure I am online with MP enabled when I drop a Base Computer.
Speaking of which, I found one in the wild in my new home system. Did we ever determine why these are there?

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Wild base computers were introduced with Next. These could be used to restore your temporarily archived based from before the update.