BaseBuilding in Origins

A fresh start for our new Origins bases.
Here is my old original Beyond base in its new environment.


My previously mentioned extreme fire base floating over a radioactive ocean has returned to an extreme fire planet with unique flora, fauna, and weather that surprised me.

However, I had to completely rebuild my electrical system. None of my electromagnetic generators, solar panels or batteries would power things connected to them until they were deleted and rebuilt. Odd, but I thought i would share the work-around.

Edit: power is out again even though it says I have more than I am using. I wonder if the storms are knocking out the power?


I have had no problems with my electrical in any of my bases, (so far) but I have no terrain issues (so far) either and I am using solar panels.


I fixed the issue. It came down to the power grid not giving me the information that I thought it was. After adding more generators, I no longer had power outages and saw that I was using more energy than I thought.


I can see all of @ukmerlin 's base now. That never happened before Origins.

(Yes it is all there, I just could not get all of it in one frame)
Also was able to see all of @DevilinPixy 's base.

The new planet color scheme is a perfect match!


Nice! That is my previous design, I have moved away from that to cut the number of items in the base count.



Thought that I’d try using the concrete components for base building and have encountered a few problems.

The sidewalls are shorter than cubicle walls so tall items (teleporters) don’t fit between floors.

Concrete flooring/ceiling doesn’t come with lighting unless lighting panels are used instead.

The only stairs that worked inside the structure were wooden ones.

Every appliance required extension cords.