Base Building & Settlements in Frontiers

Post your pics of the all new bases & settlements you build & encounter here.

Here is a video containing all of the glitch techniques as of Dec 2021


Welcome to a new era in building


It took all afternoon but, I finally got enough Salvage Data to purchase all of the blueprints. I don’t know who designed these parts, but they deserve something special. Beautiful.

The wooden windows are mislabeled though… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My 2nd base (Legacy Game PS4 but not my actual Legacy Base) is trashed!
The terrain has altered to omit an island I had a large exotic garden on.
The underwater plants have almost all vanished. A neighbouring NPC base is now half submerged & a group of 4 knowledge stones has vanished.
My base is underwater and is now ‘flooded’ so it requires oxygen & swimming to negotiate.

Tried to relocate back to a previous system & the teleporter refuses.

Bit of rebuilding coming up.
At least my Legacy Base is unscathed.

Ok off to help a settlement…


How much salvage data is needed? Is it really 250 new parts, so 250? 500?


Not sure…tons.
I had a huge amount… and then handed out a heap at the annomoly.
Many happy travellers.


Oh dear - I had loads as well but as I had no use for them any more I sold them all off, along with a whole heap of materials to make the game less easy. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some for sale in a minor settlement somewhere.

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Was well over 200 . Maybe 300 but not 500… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: hope that helps.


I had a fortunate experience with salvage data today. If I’m remembering correctly (an admittedly risky bet :wink: ), it cost me 207 for all the new stuff. I initially dropped the 60 I had in storage on some things, then spent the next hour grinding out more. I intended to gather another 150 (a rough guesstimate of what I still needed), but when I entered the Anomaly I remember noticing I’d actually gathered only, I think, 147. However, that turned out to be exactly enough to buy everything remaining.


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Base building is a bit fiddly atm…but I love the new parts. Still working on this one but you can see the potential as well as the issues.

This menu is in the way sometimes. Instead of following my cursor, would be nice if it was just top and center.

roof pieces not quite right? This could be by design but does not work well in the center

EDIT: changed the roof…but apparently my pic did not take…just an orange screen…soooo…


So stylish! :star_struck:
How many are unlocked by default, do they replace the generic old (concrete/wood/etc) parts? I heard they cost 1-2 salvage data, so I guess I need to go shopping.


Got my settlement running like an amazon warehouse (very efficient & everyone miserable)

But the debt is only going down at 1 unit every 8 seconds bearing no resemblance to the figures :-/


All old pieces are still there. Need LOTS( little over 200) of salvage data to purchase the new stuff at the Anomaly


I notice the settlement is class B. Mine ist as well. Maybe it’s like the frigates? They also start out for almost free at class C and just using them levels them up. And frigates also have silly debuffs like the settlements, looks like the same game mechanic.

When I choose between, say, “space port or shop”, is that a one-time exclusive choice? if I chose spaceport, the settlement will never have a shop? I assume so, just wondering, I have not gotten any new choices since yesterday.


The mechanic does feel similar to the frigate upgrade path. I’m messing about with it between 4 profiles at the moment. Every one has taken its own route but the debt thing just seems broken for now on all of them.

After the office I had a choice between 2 buildings to construct. but my next one was a take or leave it choice. One of mine has 2 landing pads so I reckon you won’t be locked out from building specific things.

It’s early days but It looks as if theres a trigger point at 6pm bst for a new build as long as your previous one is completed by then.


Still adding to my base.

Does this look like a fireplace?

Sorry it is so dark…lighting needs work. Hopefully HG can work on that.


I’m not really into building, but I can see that there is plenty of gameplay around that if and when I choose to focus on something other than exploring and xenophotography. After all, as a young kid, I did like Lincoln Logs (though not erector sets). :slight_smile:

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I just want to let all know that glitch building is much easier than in the past. Even though I have not done much with it yet, making a circle for the first time was not very painful at all.