Can Joiners Build?

Question -

If I invite another player to join my game, and they join me at my location, can they then build a base?

What limitations are they subject to? Is it the same as travelling through a portal?

The reason I ask is because I’ve established a real-time (not portal) base in the system next door to the one where the eggs are due to appear. I really don’t want to build or spoil anything in the egg system - but I don’t see why we can’t have some fun in the next system along.


I’m not sure about this because whenever Mal and I tried to share a base, it got borked. But I believe you can set certain permissions at the base computer?


Thanks for that. I wasn’t thinking so much of sharing a base - more along the lines of people coming to join my game, then going off and building bases of their own. Which they can then teleport to, when they’re no longer part of my game.

I know it was possible in the days when we were just glowing orbs. But HG have placed a lot of frustrating restrictions on us since then.


They can build if they join you

Edit: the only restriction is their location isnt saved, just progress and inventory - but they can build and teleport back to the base no problems


Ah. I think it’s the saving thing that’s going to be crucial, then.

As I said earlier, the idea is that players join me, build a base, and put a teleporter in it. Then they leave my game. But because they’ve left a base and teleporter here, they can come back any time they want - even when I’m not playing the game.

But if their base doesn’t get saved, and only exists as long as I’m playing the game, then there isn’t much point.


The base saves - they just won’t be there if they leave your game and load that save - but they can teleport to it with no problem. It is how I have a base in Euclid again.

Edit: I’m bad at explaining things, but players can do exactly what you want - they don’t even have to build an actual base, just place a base computer and claim and save. The base will be part of their list at that point.


Right. OK - It’s late at night here, and I’ll be going to bed soon. But tomorrow, I’ll set this up. Anybody who wants to try, make sure I’m on your Steam friends list. If I’m not, send me a request via Steam.

Tomorrow, we’ll start importing players.


As I understand it ( & I’m happy to be corrected), it is in your options how someone can interact in regards to building (& deleting), base parts.
If they have joined your game and your permissions let them, they can join you as you build.
If they joined you (as opposed to portaling to your location), they can put down a base of their own.
Alternatively, using your base teleporter and then saving will allow them to return to your base location, as your base will now be in their own teleporter listing. (This even works if they return offline but your base won’t load in).
I know portal use interrupts the ability to place a base computer, teleport or warp out, which means either warping in or joining you is the only way for another player to be able to utilise your location fully.


One other thing that may be important, is the fact if you uploaded your base or not. In case you didn’t, a player at your location is actually able to create a base in the same spot. This results in your base being visible to you, but adding the new base from another player as well. Only if you upload your base, is the area actually claimed and following your restriction settings.

Here is an example where my alt account had made a base to build a wall, prior to my main account uploading the base at the lake.


Good to know. I’ll make sure the base is uploaded.

I will put out a call for friends to visit later today. Come and build yourself a base!

There’s a sub-text to all of this. I would like us to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes while one of these events is happening.

I strongly suspect that the weirdness going on during the weekend events (earthquakes, monstrosities, unexplained holes in the ground, structures that appear out of nowhere, etc) is being caused by people who’ve travelled to the venue in real time (i.e. not through a portal), so we can’t see them - we can only see the effects of what they do.

If we have bases in the system adjacent to the egg planet, we can travel there easily without portals. We’ll have ringside seats to observe what’s really going on. :grinning:


Can easily create some sort of earthquake by building a whole bunch of Mineral Extractors. Can even adjust the speed or make it somewhat random when hooking the power up to some ByteBeats/ByteBeat Switches :wink:


So here are a few preliminary findings: I built a base on a nearby planet in MP with @Polyphemus. In MP I could see two of his bases. In SP, I saw only the one that I visited.
When teleporting back, I had two options:

So his base teleporter showed even though I had not used it.
Choosing the Rendezvous point takes me to the Space Station.
I had no problems in MP or in SP. I was able to teleport to and from with no issues.
I was able to see both my base and one of his in SP.


Thanks ever so much for your help.

To everbody else who’s interested:

It works. If you’re on Steam PC in normal mode, and I’m on your friends list, you can join my game here.

When you arrive, wander off and build a base with a teleporter. @sheralmyst chose to build on one of the unoccupied planets in the system, and you could, too. But it would be interesting to see what happens if someone builds on the same planet as me.

You don’t have to come and talk to me if you’d rather not. I have voice chat turned off anyway, so any communication would be text.

It looks like we’ve overcome Hello Games’ travel restrictions. Come and get a seat for the Egg show!

(edit) I will be at my base all evening. You can join my game any time. You don’t have to come and see me if you don’t want to. Just use the opportunity to claim a very faraway base. :grinning:

If I’m not on your friends list, send me a friend request via Steam. I promise I won’t be rude and refuse.


Look for Night Watcher’s Base on planet Ewburgan Gamma. Feel free to build nearby, as long as you don’t mind Gritty Sandstorms and sentinels that Demand Obedience.

I made quite a few changes @Polyphemus . Let me know if you can see them. Added plants and a stairway and a kitchenette area.
Oh and one question, are you in experimental?


Apparently not. I was at one time, then I dropped out due to stability problems. I always meant to go back to it, but…

As to the other matter, I’ll visit you right now.


Polyphemus Visits SheralHobbit - Who Lives in a House Like This?

“It’s very damp and drippy - I love it!” Tommy Troglodyte, Ideal Cave Magazine
“A Regular Hole from Home” Norman Neanderthal


I just ask about experimental because @johnnycloud and I tried multiple times to join each others game and it never worked. We guessed it was because I was in exp and he was not but, apparently that does not matter. Good to know.


Both ‘Public’ and ‘3xperimental’ are currently the same build version, so I doubt it matters until new updates arrive.


I have accepted a few Steam friend requests over the last couple of days. I presume the people involved would like to build bases next door to the Egg system.

I am at my base now, and I will be there for the rest of the day. All you need to do is join my game. Once you get to the system I’m in, land your ship, and build a base. Make a note of the name of the base, and of the system. Once you’ve left, you will be able to teleport back here, even though you’re no longer joined to my game.

Of course, this also applies to anyone who already had me on their friends list. I’m here for the rest of the day. Come and build your base!


I’d love to join in, but I have a question first:

When I tried to build a base on last weekend’s mission target planet (far, far away from any other bases on the planet) the game wouldn’t let me. I only saw evidence of three player bases there and all were closer to the mission target (one, so close that they built a clever stricture within the boundary failure device out of two biodomes and other things).

Is there a limit to the number of player bases allowed on planets?