Pack Up and Move Base?

…Preferably without using a Save Editor?

In the old Legacy Saves in Next, we could plonk down a copy of our base at specified locations. Is that still possible? (haven’t loaded my pre-Next1800-hr Normal save yet.)

That said, is there a way to pack up a base and move it to a new planet?


A friend of mine who hadn’t played since before next recently booted up his old save and had the base relocation mission, which worked for him in restoring his legacy base.

As far as I remember this was a once off decision, once you’ve restored your pre-next legacy base its stuck there. I may be wrong about this, so do ask or check around but pretty sure its a one off.

As for packing up bases I don’t think it’s possible outside of pc save file trickery or mods.


Can it be uploaded to Steam and then downloaded and placed? I have never done that so I would like to find out.


Well, there once was this Steam Workshop implementation, which allowed users to upload and share bases. No idea why this is still there, because it looks like the Workshop has been abandoned for quite a long time. Maybe Hello Games plan on re-implementing this feature, but I honestly have no clue. They could at least have updated the Workshop info to match current status …


Thanks for the responses.

Uploading to Steam workshop may have worked. Not sure if it still functions at all.

I will have a look at that soon™.


It made sense as a feature when bases were always on completely flat terrain, I’d say Uploading and downloading to steam workshop became unviable when bases could be built anywhere.


Uploading a base to the Steam Workshop basically made a copy of your base, including the location. When you downloaded someones base from the Steam Workshop, it would start a new game for you, to then teleport you to that location. You would basically load into a new instance of that base at that location. It would not place said base in a new location of your choice, while still being in your existing save. You basically got teleported to the base in a separate game, not being able to save or do much, besides having a look around. They abandoned Steam Workshop with NEXT, which already ran into issues with Atlas Rises.

It would however certainly be possible to actually copy someone else’s base into your current game. All the data for the base is there and if really wanted, it is even possible to copy the terrain edits with it. For the terrain this would however require some calculations to match terrain edits to the base computer location.

The way all the required data is currently stored is however not ideal and could/should be done different. All the required data is present and I am personally able to alter my save to place a base anywhere I wish, including required terrain changes.

With some improvements to how data is stored, I am sure HG could easily implement such a feature, to actually upload/download bases properly. Maybe this is part of what they ‘had’ in mind when they promised to make changes to terrain editing. I most certainly hope this is still on the list of things to do, if only to fix some of the current issues.


The legacy bases could not be placed anywhere we chose. We had to hunt for a special spot that already had a legacy base computer sitting on a wide flat circle of ground.

Operating the Legacy Base Computer pluncked your base down on that spot.

That was quite different from the steam workshop downloads, I believe. I never used the Steam Workshop ones.


Thanks for the further information. You are a treasure! :heart:

I’m going to have some fun with that save editor when I get it installed one of these years. :wink:

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A bit off-topic, but I am currently trying to figure out how base upload actually works. There is no longer a message that indicates you can only upload one base per planet. It used to warn you and inform the player about this. I am curious if that limit still exists. I am also curious if there is a way to bypass this limit if still present. I have made some progress as to what data changes when uploading, but no way to actually check the results without a separate account. I guess I’ll be waiting for another Steam sale to add NMS to my alt account :wink:


I was under the impression that those ‘wild base computers’ which are always located on perfectly round build locations were also the places where Legacy Bases were assigned. (My Wastelander base was ringed by a circle of cacti and the entire base was relocated perfectly after NEXT).
Perhaps there is a key to this process buried somewhere?

(As a side thought…can those wild computers be utilized when through a portal since base computers vanish from the buld menu when on the ‘other’ side?)


I know they added the ability to restore legacy bases at those random locations (flat ground, wild base computer). Never used them myself and not sure if the functionality to restore legacy bases this way is still present. I have not been able to find any recent posts about restoring a legacy base. You are correct about the ability to restore base at those locations back in NEXT.

If this functionality is still present, I am not sure if it can be utilised when on the other side of a portal.

I do know that there are tricks to accomplish this on PC, using a save editor. In a similar way, any base from a ‘backed-up’ same can be relocated. Many PC players have utilised these tricks back in the Community Event days.


If anyone is interested, I can attempt to explain how to use a save editor (PC) to relocate a base. You can even add an existing base from whatever other save or backup you may have. It is actually not even all that hard, just some copy/paste of base data in the right location.


That would be a wonderful asset to the Help a Fellow Traveller category! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That piqued my curiosity, In Next you could find them but they didn’t show up on any transporter lists after you went back through.
I still have a profile with the legacy base mission in it. So I went through a portal and restored & uploaded the base. Then went back through the portal and called the Nexus…The base was visible on the nexus transporter list and on returning to the base there was no portal interference on that side :slight_smile:

What absolutely sucks though is my ps4 pro cant even handle that Atlas rises base without a load of pop in now :frowning:


Okiedokie, here goes …

When you open up the editor (top most tab ‘Edit’ > ‘Edit Raw JSON’), you will see a folder structure, full of data from your selected save file.

All your bases, including the freighter are listed within the following folder:
‘PlayerStateData’ > ‘PersistentPlayerBases’
Within the above folder, you will find numbered folders ([0] to [X]), depending on how many bases you have. Each of these numbered folders, contains all the required data for a specific base. This includes exact location of the base and all the base parts relative to the Base Computer (^BASE_FLAG).

Below you will see an example listing of raw JSON data that resembles a base.

Simplified Base Data example
            base part data...
            base part data...
            last base part data...
        }            <---- NOTE: No comma!

As you can see, it starts with the following:

  • BaseVersion: Current version for the base data
  • OriginalBaseVersion: Assuming the original base version
  • GalacticAddress: Hexadecimal representation of the planet
  • Position: Position on the planet in x/y/z coordinates
  • Forward: A vector representing the forward direction
  • UserData: Unknown, but always 0, so likely unused for this main data base entry.
  • LastUpdateTimestamp: Time/Date in UNIX format (decimal, which can be easily converted if wanted)
  • Objects: An array of building parts for this specific base.

Each ‘object’ (base part data) listed has the following data:

  • Timestamp: Once again, UNIX format for time/date
  • ObjectID: The name of the base part
  • UserData: Used to determine the material/color for this specific object, 0 by default
  • Position: Position in x/y/z coordinates, relative to the Base Computer (^BASE_FLAG)
  • Up: A vector representation of the ‘up’ direction.
  • At: A vector representation of the ‘origin’ location.

Lastly the base data closes with the following:

  • RID: Appears to not be used (empty)
  • Owner: Contains a list of data:
    • LID: The player’s Steam ID
    • UID: The player’s Steam ID
    • USN: Username associated with the Steam ID, only used when base is uploaded.
    • PTK: Appears to not be used (empty)
    • TS: Once again, time/date in UNIX format
  • Name: Name of the base
  • BaseType: Contains a single listing for the type of base:
    • PersistentBaseTypes: A variable to distinguish a planet base from a Freighter base. This will either be ‘HomePlanetBase’ or ‘FreighterBase’.
  • LastEditedById: Either ‘0’ when not uploaded, or the Steam ID when base has been uploaded.
  • LastEditedByUsername: Either empty when not uploaded, or the username associated with the Steam ID when base has been uploaded.

Now as you can see, the object ^BASE_FLAG, is the main part of your base of course. It is your Base Computer, which will always be at 0,0,0. All other parts that follow, are parts belonging to your base, which are positioned relative to this Base Computer.

Now if you were to relocate a base from your current save, all you have to do is the following:

  • Find a new location (anywhere!)
  • Place a Base Computer and activate it
  • Save and quit
  • Open the Save Editor
  • Find the folder that contains this new base
  • Copy ONLY all the base parts from the base (folder) you wish to relocate (copy), minus the Base Computer (^BASE_FLAG).
  • Paste these parts into the new base folder, leaving the START and END of the folder data intact, while also keeping the Base Computer part for this new base. So basically all your copied base parts, go after the Base Computer.
    • Do keep in mind, that the last base part in the list, can not end with a comma ( ,).
      Each base part’s data entries, start with a curly bracket ({) and end with a curly bracket (}), only if another base part follows, will the previous end with a comma (,).
      The last entry in a list or array, never ends with a comma (,). This is a general rule!
  • Save the changes made
  • Load the game
  • Enjoy the copied base in its new location.

Of course you could then go back into the editor to remove the base you just relocated, simply by deleting the full base folder you no longer need.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The ‘copy’ will be an exact duplicate, just in a new location. It does not care about terrain and no edits will be made to the terrain. So if there is now a mountain, that was not there before, your copied/relocated base may end up inside. So placement of the new base computer for the copy, has to be taken into account. This goes for location, as well as orientation.
  • Reason for placing a new Base Computer for where the copy needs to go, is the position, but mainly the orientation. If you just alter the coordinates, it’s hard to get the rotation done right. Position would be guesswork as well.
  • Terrain will not be edited! So to edit terrain afterwards, you’ll have to either use the Terrain Manipulator, or replace base parts that do alter the terrain. A floor that has been moved will not alter the terrain, but deleting it, to then replace it again, will have the desired effect (unless the Terrain Edit Limit has been reached).

This is my attempt at explaining, but if you understood this reasonably well, you can imagine what all can be done. Most useful however, if anything goes wrong and you have a backup. You can easily get your most important data back into the save. Of course a lot more is possible, as you can likely imagine :wink:


Ah good to know, so you can still restore a legacy base! Even more interesting is the fact you can do so on the other end of a portal, resulting in portal interference to be gone. There is no portal interference, unless the data for being on the other side is being set. The Nexus does not set this, nor do other means of teleport set portal side. So once you have a legit base, you can avoid the portal and still teleport there to not have interference. I bet if you use the portal instead to go back, you have the interference again.

Also, to get a base on a portal location, all you need is the galactic coords and a position basically, to then recreate a base entry in your save data. Should not be too hard :wink:


Just to add another twist…that profile was in the 4th galaxy till the other week and I brought it back to Euclid through the Nexus. Only downside is newly visited space stations don’t get recorded in the teleport list, only bases for some reason


I have heard about that being an issue. Some have even lost all their ‘TeleportEndpoints’ of which I have a backup copy in case things go wrong.

Too bad it is a bit more complicated adding them manually, although not impossible :joy:

Thinking of which, considering I lost all my Euclid teleports when I moved to Eissentam in NEXT, I could add them back in I guess …


Yeah it’s not a huge issue. I’ve got scores of backups for all my profiles now, learned the hard way. :smiley: