Galactic Coordinates Thread

The ancient portals have awoken!

This thread is a gathering place to share the coordinates / glyph patterns we discover on portals throughout the 'verse.

Glyph-to-text web tool:
Here is a super nifty website you can use to easily get the hexadecimal characters for your glyph sequences!!

UPDATE: Our handy decoder was a bit off. Turns out the correct sequence was right in front of us the whole time…

Glyph wheel sequence


And so, here is an updated version of the glyph decoder.

The methodology for converting the glyph pattern from the portals into the Signal Booster coordinates has been discovered! Props to @William and @Nivek for both discovering the connection and explaining how it works!

So go find yourself a portal, grab a scren-cap, use the decoder to share the glyph sequence, and post it below. The more data we have to work with, the more we can discover together!

Cheers fellow travelers!


Here is my first portal, I posted in another thread but will post this here too.

1 month later- this is not my home base planet and as far as I could tell a month ago, there was no base on this planet, but it is a very beautiful planet with great grass:smile:


Some fellow Citizen Scientists were already sorting out a shorthand for the glyphs in another thread.

As promised, here is a graphic to help us with our glyph decoding!

I set up the glyphs in the order we found them in Waking Titan, adding glyph #3 (2 above) back into the mix according to the native file names they had. This is 1.0 for now, as we may discover that there is some correlation between the hexadecimal coordinates found on signal boosters to the new glyphs. I’ll be sure to update the decoder as more info is uncovered.

Here is one that came from reddit

Shorthand for glyphs would be:

The OP didn’t include their coordinates, so I don’t know if this corresponds to the coords we knew, or if the glyphs are decoded wrong… need moar data!

I can get some coordinates to go with my picture if you need them?

Please sir, can I have some data?

Here you go!

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Solid. Thank you!!

So according to the decoder, you are on "90F9:09DA:B0E4"
and according to the signal booster, you are on “081B:0082:01A6”

based on this info alone, it doesn’t seem that old hexadecimal coordinates are translatable. The second string of digits on the signal booster starts with “00”, but there are no duplicate glyphs on your portal… interesting…


Sorry for the bad quality, (PS4)

EE1C0F764463 (Galactic Hub)
F0420F765462 (Galactic Hub) Party System
90420F765462 (Galactic Hub) Party System (made multiplayer monument on this one)
80420F765462 (Galactic Hub) Party System


Hesperius Dimension
Tiruiuts Prime: 0806:0083:07FF:00D0
Portal : F03 : 008 :000 :00B

If you want to try to come in Hilberts dimension from Euclid you’re welcome. (no idea if it’s possible)


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I’ll damn well try once I get glyphs learnt and portals discoverd :slight_smile:

Here’s another for Hilbert. I can get old style coords if needed, but not tonight :wink:

Citizen Scientists, I have a question for you:

This nifty decoder has been making the rounds on Reddit:

One simply clicks on the glyphs they see on a portal, and the website kicks out a hexadecimal code that can be shared. The site also works in reverse, where the hex code can be re-input to kick out the glyph sequence. Neato!

The only downside- the hexadecimal digits assigned to the glyphs by this tool appear to be completely arbitrary. Whoever made the decoder didn’t use the Waking Titan glyph sequence, so the decoder we have here does not correspond. It’s sooo close to being awesome, I just wish I knew where this sequence came from.

That being said, the hex codes our WT-synched decoder kicks out don’t appear to correspond to the codes generated by signal boosters, so it doesn’t seem to matter much anyway. ¯\(⊙︿⊙)

So the question:
Shall we adopt this decoder and ditch the Waking Titan glyph sequence?

This would mean a re-configuring of the coords posted so far, but its still early, so its not the end of the world… What say you?


From the reddits comes this interesting post and the image below:

Here’s what the OP has to say about it:

There’s the evidence for you; the code for my system is 12 glyphs, and the first glyph changes the planet.

The nearest physical system to my own only changes in a single column.

We need to get top minds working on this people. Top. Minds.

EDIT: To confirm, the BIRD glyph in the first position represents the first planet in a system as scanned. In the example above, the top and bottom codes are both from the first planet in a system.

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Here is an address to a portal that is 1 jump away from the center of Euclid (if the reddit OP is to be believed)

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Hello! First time poster. This is also an address at the edge of the center of Euclid:

(EDIT- Better resolution glyph address)

A little background- I named this solar system, obviously, from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide. Before the “Regeneration” the planet “Miliways” was a beautiful temperate water world full of small continents. I built my restaurant “franchise” on a steep cliff overlooking a wonderful archipelago, with the sister planet hanging low in the sky. Post-Regeneration, well, I’m sorry to say the planet and the restaurant are a bit worse for wear. :frowning:

I’ll leave a beacon and a Colossus garage by the entry of the Portal. It’s also conveniently within walking distance of a Trading Post.

Thanks for your time, and I hope this post is of some help to you Travelers.


After a little comparison with several of the coordinates and glyphs, I feel confident in the following value assignments.

I have also worked on a translation method from Hex to Glyph that seems consistent. If anyone is interested in this information, please let me know.

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I am VERY interested in this information, please share!

The glyph values you have assigned are almost exactly the same as the ones on this web tool on github, (mentioned it in an earlier post above in a call to question).

The only difference I can see is the web tool starts the sequence with the glyph you have at the end (as “F”). If you start the sequence with that one, and shift the values up one for all the other glyphs, you will be in perfect alignment.

With the glyph addresses that have come in so far, we can see that those closer to the center include more of the triangular glyphs (“E” in your assignments -vs- “F” in the web tool). This can be seen in the posts above, where the middle set of digits (digits 5-8 in the 12 digit address) start with and include 3 of those triangle glyphs. It stands to reason that this glyph would be at the end of the sequence for it to appear so prominently in addresses from the center.

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