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What makes a good location for setting up base, what made you decide, or what would you be looking for? Below I wrote about my current situation and choice I feel I have to make. Feel free to share your reasoning or story that lead to the location of your base.

After a fresh start with Atlas Rises, I just finished all the terminal quests and spent quite a bit of time on my base, which I built on my starting planet. I think I do eventually plan on moving to a better system and a visually more attractive planet, although I find my current planet not even all that bad. I have yet to finish up Artemis as well as planning to finish the Atlas path. Decided to finally pay a visit to the portal that had been showing up 5 hours away from my base. Now that I have activated it and seen its location, I am facing a tough choice. There is a Trading Post and several other buildings nearby, but most importantly, it has a Habitable Base pretty much next door! I think I will have to plan on moving some time soon …

Portal with base nextdoor

Portal is visible from the base


I think that’s what Estate Agents call “Handy for Public Transport”.

You lucky Devilin.


I set up camp on one of those shattered floating shard planets because when you scan the stuff, it has most of the secondary elements needed for crafting lots of things, but I just moved again. I can never seem to stay in one place long, which helps build up my storage vault of resources considerably. Got resources coming out of my ears now.


I have recently given up an ancient save and only just restarted.
I simply chose the rather ugly planet I started on. With so many new varieties of biome I figure it might take ages to find a “pretty” one. I’ll build a functional mimnimalistic base purely for business reasons and when I eventually stumble over a really nice location I’ll make a decision then. After the 1.3 galactic reboot I’m not sure getting too attached to anything is wise…
To feed my creative desires I’ve got a creative mode game where I can experiment with building layouts, colours and relax a bit if the regular game starts to feel a bit grindy.


I fully agree with your decision. The whole path through the game is different now. If you don’t restart, you’re missing so much.

And I can understand people wanting to hold on to their old achievements, but hey, restart, and you can do it all again, but better!

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I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while. It seems that every fair weather planet I come across has hostile sentinals. After making a home on one of these planets, I quickly grew tired of fighting them off every time I wanted some iron. Has anyone found an exception to this? A nice planet without sentinals? Because at this point, I’m much more comfortable in the mild radiation of my new sentinal-free home.


I have a nice little moon covered in crater lakes. Some light ice storms but otherwise fair weather. And the planet below has gravitino orbs, nice for making a little side cash while running sentinel hunting missions. Terrain is unforgiving though. I get the sense that the goldilocks planets are still out there, just much harder to find.

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I’m in the 5 planet system I just restarted in. I’m on an ugly mould planet because I found a base very early and set up camp just to get the early grinding done.
In my system I have found a moon and a planet that are both nice. Both with good resources (the moon has kelp sack) with well behaved sentinels. The planet has cranky predators but nothing that can’t be managed. I don’t know yet if either of these two good biomes have habitats…I hope so because once I’m finished the fetch missions I’d like to set up somewhere a bit nicer.
It’s just a random luck thing I think.

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I didn’t notice that. My planet has a good weather (some little cold storm as every planet with natural stellar bulb i think)) and sentinels are peacefull.

Same hare. I set camp on a paradise rock I came across… Second one I find, with nice plants, creatures, earth-like conditions… And the sentinels say that no quarks are given.


@Mad-Hatter I just find it hard to not get attached to anything, while being aware of the story and where it will likely be headed. With Atlas and Artemis ahead of me, I know this is not a good time to settle, so I have to agree that keeping it minimal without getting too attached is likely the better choice. Then again, I take my time and neither Atlas nor Artemis can force me to rush towards their goals. I personally do not mind losing resources that went into my home, if a better opportunity pops up. My in-game memory may be terrible, but I still have the pictures as a reminder of a place I once truly enjoyed, not to mention having the coordinates if I ever wish to return :wink:

Being ‘new’ to the game, I messed with building within my normal mode experience, which indeed got pretty tedious after a while. So I agree that having a creative save for this is indeed the best way to go in my opinion.

On a side note, it is a bit of a shame we can only have one base, which is most likely a required limitation of the game. But … wouldn’t it be great if we could have one base per system or galaxy? Maybe allowing us the option for not deconstructing our previous base when occupying a new. Our old base would then just be left as is and maybe turn into a state of decay for others to take over if wanted or re-occupy again at a later time. Resources given when torn down, or required to fix it up again?


Totally agree with you…

I practically needed therapy giving up my old save. So much life and familiarity in a long established set up.
This time around I’m forcing myself to be objective until I reach a comfortable position with a good sized ship, freighter & base. I’m going to try and not get attached but we’ll just have to see how that goes.
Once comfy I’ll get into the main quest missions.
I’ve got a long long way to go and a lot of blueprints to learn, let alone the changes to the economy to understand.


Nearly every paradise, jungle, lush, etc planet I’ve come across in the last two days has been an extreme sentinel planet XD Think I’m just being super unlucky like yourself, or the extreme sentinel variety are more common at yellow stars? Haven’t ventured in to red green or blue stars yet (started new Survival save for 1.3 so not quite there yet)

I set up on a forest planet tons of resources for my warp cores and right on the edge of the Galaxy and really nice land scapes

Hmm. Perhaps its because of survival mode? I just got all the hyperdrive upgrades, so I’ll look into star colors.

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I have a yellow star tropical planet and the Sentinels are almost nonexistent.

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I like to settle on frozen worlds. Mostly because I fully enclose an outdoor area in cubed building parts. This enclosed outdoor area is where I access my storage vaults. It creates the illusion that my ‘indoor’ storage vaults are cold storage.


The first time I settled on a planet was for all the resources, and the sky had a nice purple hue haha.

My latest base is on a dead world and it’s great. No annoying animal sounds, very few sentinels, and lots of wide open areas for cruising around on my Nomad. You can get some crazy air jumping over hills and craters. It’s like my own private stunt track haha.


I just choose based on where I would want to live, hilly, mountainous, oceanic worlds with inlets and coves, trees and a splash of life are the things I look for.

My paradise has changed to an ice-cube and was horrified at first but I’m starting to appreciate the beauty. Once the base missions are complete, I will move home again.

Although pre-1.3, farming was done exclusively on the freighter leaving more complexity to design my spaceport like base. With the advent of charging up Hydroponic trays and the importance of Biodomes, I may need to rethink that.

So I finally moved my base to this new location on the same planet, with the Portal next door, as initially shared when creating this topic. It has pretty much every kind of shelter/building nearby, as this area is rich with them. There is a Trading Post at 3.5 mins. walk, where I found a Traveller for my 5th Glyph. The next base location is at 7 mins and a crashed ship at a couple of minutes walking as well. Only thing further away is a crashed freighter at 17 mins.

This time I decided I wanted to feel at home as well as being able to farm and have some other options available, like the Race Initiator. I ended up with a base that has quite an amount of decoration, while still being able to farm Living Glass, using 2 Biodomes and underground soil for the Gamma Root (radiation planet).

Farming stats

2 Biodomes (top dome is unused):

  • 20 Frostwort
  • 12 Coprite

Underground soil:

  • 48 Gamma Root

Additional to cover other crops:

  • 2 Large Hydrophonic Trays
    • Fungal Cluster
    • Venom Urchin
    • Solar Vine
    • Gravitino Host
    • Mordite Root
    • Echinocactus
    • Star Bramble
    • Albumen Pearl Orb
  • 2 Standing Planters (Carbon)


  • 4 guaranteed for a single run
  • 8/hr (30 mins. run)
  • 12/hr (15 mins. run)

Has potential for more with some easy modifications.

Location details

Galaxy: Euclid
Region: The Arm of Pafujil
System: Fun Paradise (DP Re-Boot)
Celestial Bodies: 2 Planets / 1 Moon
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Economy: Manufacturing / Balanced
Conflict Level: Tranquil
Distance to Galactic Core: 711977 LY

Planet: Fun Paradise Alpha
Weather: Volatile Winds (basic radiation, no storms)
Sentinels: Limited
Flora: Rich
Fauna: Ordinary
Resources: Gamma Root, Emeril, Copper, Heridium
Signal Booster Coordinates: OGUL:0620:0083:014C:0065
Portal Glyphs:


Full view


Underground farming and storage

Stairs to top level

Top level Square Room

Top level Biodome

Portal view

All-in-all, really happy at the moment and sure to enjoy my new home for quite some time. Looking forward to creating a fun race, which I have never done before. Although the looks on my current planet are not bad at all, I do realise I may eventually want to move to a better looking planet/system with hopefully similar conditions when it comes to location.

Edit: Removed Base from Steam Workshop as it did not work. It showed the default Habitable Base in a totally different location.