Portal Farmers Network

The idea here is to:
share portal addresses that are within a few convenient minutes of a well managed farm base
If your base is in close proximity to a portal, please share your portal address in comments.
Please give some brief details as to the type of farm (Living Glass, Explosives), and any points of interest, etc.
I originally did this to help a friend become a millionaire quicker, but would like to extend the invite to everyone.
It’s very possible to create a Portal Hopping Network Of Rich Farmers :cowboy_hat_face:
(PHNORF for short?) :alien:


Weather: Mild
Sentinels: Average
Flora: Copious
Fauna: Uncommon
Resources: Star Bulb, Emeril, Iridium, Heridium

Jeremy Portal Address:

diplo, sunrise, bird, butterfly, triangle, spider, swirly, boat, face, bird, moon, hexagon

Jeremy has a generally earthy appearance, with bodies of water, including river channels running through canyons.

  • Once you’ve arrived through portal, turn 7 o’clock behind you (South East) to see base.
  • Comm balls at base should display approx 3:30s distance. The portal will stay open.
  • I recommend just punch boosting your way over to the base.
  • Leave a comm ball on the way, as it gives other travellers something to read.
  • Maybe grab some of the abundant Zinc, because there is the occasional toxic storm.
  • Don’t forget to register your visit at base to unlock a special decal.

Biodome Plants:
Frost Crystals, Gamma Root, Coprite, Cactus Flesh, Solanium, Fungal Mould, Mordite
Outdoor Plant: Star Bulb

Depending on your acquired recipe blueprints, you could craft the following:
Glass, Living Glass, Lubricant, Explosives, Heat Capacitor, Unstable Gel, Acid, Poly Fibre, Circuit Board
Try sell any excess goods at the handy base trade terminal.
Grab a complimentary health pack.
Maybe chill watching sunset before grabbing/crafting/selling some more.

If you want to set up base, you’ll also find another player base currently stationed on the other side of planet. The planet was actually named after them. He currently has a maxed out Living Glass farm, with loads of Gamma Root/Frost Crystals/Coprite.

Could make a poll in comments to see what plants most people really need, and I can add them.

God speed fellow traveller. :robot:


OK, I’m willing to give this a try. My base grows ingredients for living glass. It looks like this:

The base is 7 minutes on foot from the nearest portal. Much quicker if you build a geobay and use exocraft. I’ve left a trail of communications balls from the portal to the base. I have base sharing turned on.

This is the portal address:

It’s a cold world, but not extreme. There are no predators.

If you do visit, leave me a comm ball message.

(edit) I’m on PC - so I don’t think PS4 players can find me. And if anyone does visit, please reply here and tell me what you found, and how it worked. It’s all useful, interesting stuff.


For anyone curious how this works, maybe watch this video of a streamer looting my farm:


Well, it works. And my base hasn’t been looted to death (not yet, anyway).

Andrew visited, and left a pleasant message:

Tehcaro also found the place, and left a comm ball:

The thing about Tehcaro’s message was where they left it. My base planet has floating islands. I can’t get up to them without a ship. And you can’t bring a ship though a portal. But Tehcaro managed to get up there somehow.

So thanks for the visits and the feedback, people. :smiley:


You will not lose any plants, it’s basically a duplication exploit.


I visited your base yesterday @ekult . Thank you for the resources!

As a follow-up, I did not get a new decal, which is another driver for me to visit bases. Does anyone know how many of those decals are in the game. I have found 5 so far.


That’s good to know. I wasn’t aware of that.

It will be interesting to see how many people choose to be contributors, rather than just consumers. The really complicated (expensive) blueprints require more ingredients than it’s really possibly to farm yourself. But if we do it cooperatively, it could be really useful.


I’m sure more people would be contributors if it were easier to get close bases, so I’ve decided to stop moving around and just set up shop in one spot.
BTW a third person has set up base close to Planet Jeremy portal, so maybe their base will show up as well soon.

RE: Polyphemus - I fired a grenade into the side wall of the island and used it as a ledge to let the jet-pack recharge. Then continued on up.

Here’s mine, the base was originally dedicated to chip farming, but I moved that to the freighter. I’m part way through a transition to small liquid explosive operation. Base is just within the default complexity limits.

All the exocraft bays are outside the base perimeter, so you wont see them.

Base is on the right as you exit the portal - 4min walk - communication station near the base.

PC - Normal - Euclid - 50900 l/y above the galactic centre.


@tehcaro I will try to visit you tonight. Can you confirm which mode the base was built in?

Sorry normal mode, i’ve added it to the post. You may get a portal transport error warning but it still takes you to the correct planet.

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The Spacing Guild has our own registry of members who create farm bases for others to benefit from, which include the portal addresses; we call them Centres of Excellence. The link to that page of the site is below:

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PC & PS4 not shared universe

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Good point. I missed the mention of PC in my first look through. In that case @tehcaro, I will not be able to visit you later. :unamused:

My base location is available in the spacing guild link that @MacForADay has posted above. (PS4 normal mode)


Let me know if mine is CoE calibre :open_mouth:



Very nice. Both the base, and the access method!

I may visit you, if I can just get my mouse to input portal characters properly.

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Are you having an issue where you double select a glyph? That’s been an issue for me.

Is anyone working on this network outside of Euclid? I left already.

That sounds like the one. I click a glyph once, but two appear. And because there’s no backspace, it’s almost impossible for me to enter a correct portal address. I’ve tried five different mice - no improvement. I think it’s a driver problem within the game.

I need dozens of attempt before entering the right adress. It happen usually with the 1st glyph, the next doesn’t need a “flash clic”.

After looking into the BaseBuildingTable from the game files, it lists a total of 9 Decals besides the 13 you get by default for a total of 22. So I assume those 9 are likely to be the additional ones you can get by visiting Bases, unless some have been special pre-order bonus or similar.