ETARC PC HUB - Assistance Request

Hello Folks

While I wait for a decision regarding the final design of the ETARC Hub capital base, I’ve built some temporary base structures, just so visitors will have something to see.

And therein lies my problem, because I’m not at all sure whether people can see them. If you are in the vicinity of the capital (Etarcia) in either normal or creative modes, It would be a great help to me if you would visit the capital base, and tell me what you find.

The normal mode base should look like this:

And the creative mode base should look like this:

I would be grateful for any assistance you can give.


landing pad(s)? welcome center area? guiding message modules? welcome drink/crops? rest rooms?


As I said, these are temporary buildings that are only intended to be in place until a final design is decided. It is intended that the final design will mirror the one used in the PS4 capital - so we all have the same thing.

Feeling at the moment is against a farm - there are lots of those.

However, at the moment, it’s far more important that I know whether anyone can see the things. I they can’t, it’s pointless me building anything.


I see things (just visited and dropped a comm) and share ideas/feedback for memorable experience of arriving to a base.

Welcome crops is not equal to farm in my head and rather equal to any crops at all as a free small arrival gift.

Have not seen ps4 design or any candidates yet. Do we plan to have a poll as usual?


We’ll need to have some discussion with the PS4 people about that. I’m sure they’ll join in here.


Confirmed! Nice job!


Thank you. That’s what I wanted to see. I owe you one.

Can anyone get me a similar shot in creative mode?


I just visited on PC, Creative mode. This is what I saw:

I would suggest you get another person to check though. I think the game is acting up on me. Upon landing it says the planet has yet to be named, but my menu lists it as discovered with it’s proper name :thinking:


Similar fault with me recently on ps4 while visiting Todds system…


Ah - now that’s what I didn’t want to see. Thank you for going to look. I’ll wait to see if anyone else can see what’s supposed to be there.

Thanks for trying - even negative results are informative.


I thought if 2 people in the same galaxy made a base it is not visible for other players? It kinda brakes the game for some reason.


ETARC Hub Transmission follows.
Creative Mode PC Incoming Report:

Base Confirmation Creative Mode PC: CONFIRMED

Intelligence Photograph recon. follows

… Zttzztk…zttt… upload complete.

Unconfirmed data stream incoming.
Last known sighting of Traveller ‘Eppenz, Iteration 8-2’ Zztk…
Cood: DUIN:051D:007F:01B7:001A - EDISON ECSD. Remains unidentified.

Discovery confirmed near Ztcht…ztt…SB marker.
Zzztch… Tranmission…Zztt… End.


Thanks very much for that, @johnnycloud. Although, oddly, that’s an older version of the creative mode base, while it was still under construction. For the past few days it’s looked like this:

At least we know that some people can see some of it some of the time. Confused? You will be…

Thanks again.


It is indeed odd @Polyphemus as the pictures I posted earlier were screen grabbed only an hour or so before I posted them (I’m not the quickest at dragging and dropping jpegs!). I checked the Jpeg time-stamp for you, approx. 21:15 hours 24/01/18 for the few I grabbed.

‘‘So the HUB base I witnessed ‘m’Lord’ was less than 19 hours ago, allowing for my delay in posting the photos.’’

What is worrying is that I took these additional screen grabs of YOU a mere 5 hours ago today 25/01/18 at 11:30am, immediately after I read your ‘Confused? You will be…’ comment.

NO BASE??? Where’s all that work gone you did ??? :frowning:
There is indeed a bug somewhere.

Edit: Could this be you think a player using the base temporarily to Portal to the system before claiming another in the Firefly Chain or close-by? What we are witnessing is a window of time before they claim a new system?

Or Mr Noodles is just messing with us having taken your identity…


Your powers of observation definitely qualify you as Johnny the Bright Star.

Something strange is going on with the bases. I suspect it’s a time / sync thing. My work is cached locally, then changes are uploaded to the server, then when you visit, they’re downloaded to your local cache. I suspect sometimes it’s very slow (like hours, rather than minutes).

All the same, never trust a hamster.


Hamsters can get up to all sorts of mischief and do anything for cheese… Perhaps I am the only one seeing things in Creative Mode on PC. :astonished:

I wonder is anyone seeing what I’m seeing?


I’ll have to go and look, now.

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No, unfortunately not. I can see the comm balls, but your sculpture is absent.

AFAIK, only changes you make within a base that you own can be seen by other players.

Creative Mode

Normal Mode


Ooh. I didn’t know what to expect. It is just a sculpture on the landscape not within any perimeter of a Home Base.
I didn’t expect it could not be seen by another player. I even made a sculpture on Unification Day (different System) which is still there despite looking like it has melted…

I thought the terrain manipulation tool did just that, so anyone can see changes to the terrain. It was all created in Creative Mode.

Thanks for posting the Comm Message lol. Everyone will think I’m nuts except maybe Douglas Adams…

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Frankie Mouse and Benjy Mouse are protrusions into our reality of pan-dimensional hyperintelligent beings. What’s nuts about that?