You may know that the PS4 players have established an ETARC hub in their universe. You may not know that for several months I have been liaising with the PS4 community to create an identical hub on PC.

Note that the hub exists only in the Euclid Galaxy. Sorry, but that’s the way the game works.

I am hosting the Capital bases in PC normal mode and creative mode. It means giving up one of your save slots for each. @jeepsters265 has volunteered to host the survival mode base .

We’ve tried to keep it pretty low-key, until we had the Capital system and planet agreed and established. That process was completed a few days ago, so the PC hub is now officially up and running.

I will post any information I think is relevant here, and I will try to offer such support and help as I can.

The hub is open. All PC players are welcome to move there.


how many glyphs do you need to jump to the hub?

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The ETARC hub is centred on a feature known as the Firefly Chain. It’s a more or less continuous string of star systems spanning two galactic regions.

The hub exists in both the PC and PS4 universes. Although PC and PS4 players can’t interact directly, we try to keep the Capitals the same.

The Capital is the planet EDISON, in the system ETARCIA.

If you choose to move there, there are a few hub rules we would ask you to observe:

  1. You can name your home system and planet anything you like, but please put “ECSD” after the name. It identifies the system as belonging to an ETARC member.

So, for instance, if you decide to call your system “Bunghole”, we ask that you name it “Bunghole ECSD”. The same goes for planets within the system.

  1. There are a limited number of systems in the chain, and immediate surrounding area. We would like as many people as possible to be able to claim one of their own. By all means claim one of the systems in the hub area for yourself - but please claim ONLY one.

When exploring the area, please remember that anything you discover and upload gets claimed as yours - meaning no-one else can claim it. Please do not upload or claim any systems, other than the one you choose for your base.

  1. Please think hard about claiming a system in the hub area if you don’t intend to move your base there. The whole point of the hub is to create a community where people can interact, visit each other, leave messages, etc. That’s only possible if you have a base in the area.

If you claim a hub system, but you don’t have your base there, not only will you miss most of the fun, you’ll also deny that system to someone else who might want to move there.


It varies. If you include planets within one warp jump distance of the hub, there are thousands - and they all have different portal addresses.

If you tell me which glyphs you have, I can try to find a nearby portal you can use. Obviously, the more glyphs you get, the better your chances. Keep chasing those travellers!


I have the first five on my current save working on the rest also my freighter can jump pretty far so I might be able to jump close with that want to find a nice planet near the hub I haven’t met another player in game yet and its lonely out here in the emptiness of space

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First five might be pushing it, but I’ll try. I’ll get back to you when I have something.

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Thank you and don’t got out your way just if you come across one will probably get more glyphs today hopefully unless the arg starts up again for some reason

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The portal address of the capital planet, Edison. Bear in mind the location was only finalised a few days ago. There’s not much built there yet.

Edison Portal, in all its glory.


Nice, well can you post the coordinates of Edison?
I’m going to start travelling right now!!

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ETARC PC HUB - How To Get There

There are a number of methods you can use to move to the hub. Most of them are pretty complicated, and I don’t propose going into them here. By far the easiest is:

Move Your Base Via Portal

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. Ideally, you need all the portal glyphs, and you’ll need some help with your destination portal address, but I can provide that.

First of all, you will need an existing home system, with a base you have claimed, and an activated teleporter. You don’t need to have built anything in your base, but you do need to own one.

The next thing you’ll need is the portal address of a planet within easy warp distance of the hub. I can provide that.

What you do is portal to the hub address, find a base on the planet, and claim it. This will destroy your old base.

Next you travel back through the portal to your old home planet. Get in your ship, and fly to the space station.

In the space station, go to the teleporter, and teleport to your base. Thing is, you’ve cunningly moved your base to the hub - and that’s where the teleporter will send you.

Congratulations! you’ve just moved to the hub neighbourhood. Your ship will have come with you, and (if you have one), you can call your freighter.

If we’ve got it right, you will be close enough to see the hub chain on your galactic map, but not so close as to interfere with hub residents. From here, you can explore the hub at your leisure, and choose a home system you really like. Then you just move in. Simples.


Got 15/16 glyphs and that was enough to get to Edison. Left my bright yellow comm next to the portal.

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Yes, I saw it. Welcome.

(edit) If you feel like moving, I can give you the address of a temporary planet base nearby.


Thanks, @MacForADay wanted screens for proof of portal ability, but that may be for his hub group. Left him a message on his YouTube.

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I won’t be able to move right away. My next opportunity is the 1st or 2nd of February, but that’s the plan.


OK, well let me know when you’re ready to go. We’ll draw up an escape plan.

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I will start moving to the hub next Weekend. That’s my plan for now.
But i will check out where i am…maybe i’m Close to the hub.


Claiming a base in the chain today.


I started exploring the ETARC hub in PC in survival mode a while back when it was first established. There are three “fast-track” portal planets with temporary habitable bases within a short walk of the portal. I created a special page on my site The Portal Repository just for addresses in the ETARC Hub on PC.

Feel free to check it out and submit your own address if you feel so inclined.