[ETARC HUB]: Location Discussion- POLL CLOSED


Alright guys, some initiative has been taken. We’re going to get the Hub Project back up and running. Here, we will be discussing the possible locations for our shining new Hub. I know the original plan included minor Hubs in other galaxies, but for now we will work on the Euclid based Hub.

Everyone is welcome in this discussion and all input is valued. This will continue to be a community project, and your input is needed. For now, I don’t think we will require any structure in our suggestions. This will be an open brainstorm. We need to get a sense of what’s important to this community. Whether you already have locations picked out, or you just have a simple idea, put it up here. The more, the better right now. If you have screenshots, bring them too.

There will be tons of questions to answer (DTC, quadrant, proximity to other hubs, etc.) so we will be using a fair amount of polling. I’m thinking these will stay open for a 9 day period (friday through following sunday) to allow as much participation as possible.

Please answer the polls below, it will help me get an idea of who’s around and ready. This will also tell me who can help with scouting and location verification.

  • I’m in Euclid, ready to go
  • I’m in Euclid, but can’t join in yet

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  • I have all 16 Glyphs and can travel freely
  • I have most and can travel some
  • I have a few/none and travel is difficult

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I’m going to include some thoughts I had to serve a starting point, but feel free to ignore me and get your ideas up. I thought it would be wise to take a lesson from the Galactic Hub, and position ours not too far in from where players start. That would make it easy and fast to get to with black hole roulette. But that seems pointless now because of portal travel. We can put the Hub anywhere really. So again, what’s easiest. As far as I know, and can easily explain, a position further out in the alpha-quadrant would require the fewest glyphs. So, my best suggestion would be a location in the alpha-quadrant, maybe ~600,000ly out?

Let’s get to it :grin: This will be a very long process, so the sooner we start the better.

[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD
[ETARC HUB]: Naming Conventions - POLLS CLOSED
[ETARC HUB]: Naming Conventions - POLLS CLOSED
[ETARC HUB]: Naming Conventions - POLLS CLOSED

Given the difficulty for some in acquiring all glyphs, the idea of alpha and thus the early glyphs seems a good idea.
Depending on once I look at my placement on the Pilgrims Map I’m possibly going to warp my way there rather than portal hop. It will be an adventure.


In Euclid and ready to go, 16 glyphs on survival mode ps4.


The Spacing Guild would love to help with exploring the ETARC Hub, as a part of our Hub Exploration Assistance Department (H.E.A.D.). We will discover and name all stars and planets in a region of your choice, giving them all your own custom tag at the beginning of each name. We will keep registries of all these discoveries on our website, with special and rare discoveries noted in the list so people can find them more easily.

We can also set up a Visitor Center (aka Multiplayer Resort) in your hub, which we will actively encourage people to visit and use as an arrival point to colonize the hub using portals.

Let me know if you are interested in being a part of our H.E.A.D. projects!


I have mapped about 30 wealthy systems in the region 0803:0088:0800:xxxx on PC in Euclid in normal mode and plan to continue my exploration/research of the region.
Systems are named “[ETARC] ”.
Systems are tagged when there are exotic/lush planets, travelers, diplos, ships or some other rare stuff detected in a system.
I use original systems’ names, thinking it should be easier to find them cross platform.

There is Deep Thought Collective hub in the neighbor region below the one I explore.
Though it is quite low-populated on PC and many systems are yet undiscovered.
We may use it as an outpost. Doorway system to the galactic core is one jump away <1000 ly.

Having all glyphs and ready to help with planets’ exploration in any location by portaling.


Ain’t anywhere near Euclid!!! lol


Could you message me info or report at [ETARC HUB]: CSFD Address reporting thee CSFD is interested in close to center ETARC worlds.


I just start a new normal mode game so I can get to the hub, never made it far in survival. My main game I’m at the center of Hilbert. Thanks for taking the initiative, @Xion4012!


Yes, I will share the information one way or another for sure.


Looks like I didn’t make the second poll public. Off to a great start already :confused: It looks like people either have all the glyphs or none. As I said, the alpha-quadrant would be easiest and fastest to get to by glyph.

What does everyone think of putting the Hub in the Alpha-Quadrant?

It will be a fast and easy trip, and from this map I found, we won’t have many neighbors (is that a good thing?).
Hub Map-Branflaks

Sorry, it’s a low-res photo. It’s also likely outdated, many of these groups may have moved.

If we do choose alpha, how far out? The further out, the fewer glyphs needed. And it will be easier to reach by roulette. But the core does have it’s advantages.

If anyone has specific locations they want to pitch, feel free to get it up here.

Thank you for your offer @MacForADay, I’m sure we will be discussing the use of your services. I get the feeling we lost some people along the way. Getting the word out that we are up and running again might draw some people back.


How about having the hub based along the Black hole ring, or not that far from it? (On the Pahefu website you can draw the black hole roulette ring)

This way it will be accessible by small number of Portal glyphs, and by Black Hole.

Looks like that area is quite empty too.


So for ease of access, I’ve been looking at the area around: 0330:0030:0330:0000

It’s 697,075ly out, only a few jumps in from where most people start, so a few quick BH jumps and you’re there. And you would only need 4(?) glyphs to get there from anywhere. It’s pretty empty out there, so no worries about nosy neighbors.

This would bring us pretty far from the core, I don’t know if that’s going to be an issue for people.


try those coords 0801:0081:0800:0001
need 3 glyphs only
"second planet" has habitable base 5 min walking from portal


Will this be the same for PC and PS4? HUB in the same location for both?


@zeff013, what would you consider to be the benefit of having the Hub near the core? You seem to be quite familiar with the area. I only have 3 glyphs :disappointed_relieved: so I can’t check personally. What’s around there?

@Wyo, I think the best plan would be to have them in the same area, although that’s not necessary. We could have them in separate places, but that might be confusing for some. A good point to make though, we can discuss it if it’s something people want.


I did a mistake in my first post - this address actually requires 3 glyphs only and there is a surprise on “first planet”. At least on PC in Normal mode. :slight_smile:

There was a promise, that things get stranger at the centre. There are no hard facts to confirm that, because it requires to fully explore at least several regions to get numbers.
In my subjective experience, I have found more strange things near the core, rather than when I was exploring the old Galactic HUB.

I’ve never seen so many wealthy systems within one star cluster and never seen three exotic planets in one system before moving to the centre.


In an earlier thread, we looked like we were leaving Euclid. Trying to avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, I’m now in a galaxy far far away.


I have noticed an increase in variety closer to the centre… More variations in everything.
Its hard to lock down a specific point but it is more ‘interesting’ closer in… I think.


So, closer to the core is gaining popularity. Personally, I’m concerned that the area might be too populated. How common is it to see someone else’s discoveries? Will we have enough room to expand without problems? It looks like there might be other Hubs in the area. Have you seen them?


There’s no such thing as too populated in NMS. Even when the Galactic Hub was the main place people went, it took awhile to find another player’s base