CURRENTLY RECRUITING: A HUB inside the Mercury Subroutine for ETARC

The title is pretty self explanatory. Who is in and when do we start?


  • I would like to join the CSD / ETARC Hub and be part of the creation process
  • No thanks, I have other plans for the Mercury Subroutine

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Ideally it would be part of a bigger hub, the CSD hub. The core of the CSD HUB will be the ETARC system (more details below).

Later today I will try compile a list of everyone who wishes to become involved. Recruiting will continue forever, but a deadline will be determined by us when comes the time to vote for project leaders.


NAVIGATION: uses the sick app made by Pahefu but it is theorized update 1.3 may bring a new, easier way of navigating in the Mercury Subroutine.

We will need to assign project leaders for:

  • Euclid (PS4)
  • Euclid (PC)
  • Hilbert (PS4)
  • Hilbert (PC)
  • Calypso (PS4)
  • Calypso (PC)
  • CSD Frontiers Division (PC + PS4)

Voting will be democratic and will be done using the POLL function of these forums!


NOW: Recruitment phase (POLL OPEN - VOTE NOW!)
NOW: Determine wether the hub is for ETARC or CSD
NOW: Assign project leaders for different platforms and galaxies
NOW: Try to establish a section of the forums dedicated to the ETARC / CSD hub with forum mods like @oldgods

PHASE 01.1
NOW: Create the CSD Frontiers Division (should be a separate topic), create clear mandate, find project leader. This is for intergalactic nomads who can’t stay put, their goal will be to reach the final galaxy while claiming worlds for ETARC / CSD

WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Location scouting for ETARC capital system in Euclid, Hilbert & Calypso
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Determination of the size of the CSD HUB (will be one entire region of the NMS universe - TBD)
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Voting on ETARC Capital System
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Voting on ETARC Capital System’s name

THEN: Create naming conventions for discoveries
THEN: Catalogue fauna, flora & ressources of all CSD HUB systems

OPTIONAL: Expansion, world domination.


I’m in. I’ve never had a hub to call home, it might be nice to settle down for a while.

On PS4 you’ll know me as Dr_Bananagrams.

EDIT: But I recommend we wait until after the update. Don’t want to start building just to have our work scattered upon the galactic breeze.


I’m already leading the Spacing Guild, but we would love to visit you all once you are set up.


I’m in. May need a few pointers but I’m definitely in.

Interesting. Not easy but if someone else is in the Hilbert’s dimention (PC) we can try something there.

I am 100% for this. I have the game on both PC and PS4, I can claim for ETARC in both :slight_smile:

I think we need a map of Euclid, and the known hub locations, then propose a general area of where our hub should roughly be situated, create a poll and let everyone vote, then we make a race for whatever region chosen and see who gets there first :wink:


That sounds like fun. I think hanging onto the ETARC name is a good thing.
Just need a bit of advice re PS4 online settings etc.
Might take a bit to work out the Pilgrims plotter and I want to hold off any epic voyages until AFTER the next update so I know where I stand. Plus I’d have a bit of prep to do and dismantling my base systematically to fill my boxes right etc. etc.
Lots of stuff to consider and vote on.

I’m in. Do we have an ETARC ps4 group going already?

I’m down only like 20 jumps to the hub will try and work on it later

Good idea ! But as @kerdorin , i’m already in Hilbert’s Dimension…

We could have more than one HUB. Yours is just gonna be a bit more lonely than the one in Euclid, but I think getting one in Hilbert would also be good.

I say we wait until 1.3 and start figuring out the where, the when & the how. We already got all the tools we need thanks to Pahefu and the Galactic Hub crew (which I will become an expat when we move into the ETARC hub)

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Thankfully for us, the hub-dwellers are remarkably productive. Here ya go:


Id like to join in, hopefully there will be a system in-game implemented in the new update to better navigate to a particular area/system


Damit, why don’t quadrants come in fives?! We could’ve been ECHO, er Fivedrant.

Post edit - - - If we have a lot of travellers form ETARC currently in the HUB, I think handiest for all (if a fast travel system updgrade isn’t introduced at some point) would be to set up in a region near the G-hub, it’s over crowded but that might be better for creating alliances and making friends. It feels like a lot of evil will be coming to our universe soon so will be good to have us carrying Emilys love into battle and keep the Galaxys hopes high,.


General question: If you move your base, you only get a part of the resources you had invested in it back. But does anyone know what happens to stuff in vaults?
Lets say I have 5k emeril in a vault in my base and move my base, do I get to keep the Emeril? does it vanish (wasn’t part of any structure)? Do you just get X% of it?

I guess I’m basically wondering if I need to move all that stuff to my freighter before moving my base (never moved one before). So if anyone has done this before and is sure of the answer, do tell. :slight_smile:

Not 100% but I think when you rebuild the vault on another planet everything will be there in it


When you delete a vault, everything will stay in it, handy shoulod yo decided to move a bunch of stuff to your freighter, just delet and rebuild it there etc.

When I’m moving base I dismantle everything so I get full resources back, put it all in my containers, then delete all those, whatever couldnt fit goes in my freighter (along with resources for rebuilding the containers), any excess I sell off. It’s a lengthy moving process but it’s worth it, landing pads and shop modules are not an easy build, losing half of their resources is painful :frowning:

Plus it feels like you’re actually packing up and moving home somwhere :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks (dragoon too).
I personally don’t have much of anything in my base. A few plants, and a whole pile of square building blocks, so I don’t care too much if I get 20k iron back or 10k. My main concern was the vaults (got about 6 of em filled + a stuffed freighter and hauler), so I really kinda wanted to make sure I could get all that moved across. I don’t have a landing pad or a galactic terminal yet, since I knew I didn’t want to keep this base, it was more of a “well, I want to do the base quests, lets put it down here”.
Also, yes, I may be hoarding too much… ^^

I’m good with that, I’m out in the wilds of the alpha/gamma border but heading Hub-ward. Nice lush corner of the galaxy out here but unfortunately lacking in Diplos.

Hey quick tip: before you move your base, dismantle everything manually. You will get way more ressources back this way (I believe this technique yields a 1/1 instead of the half you get when you don’t dismantle your base manually)

A good way to proceed about your moving is to stop at a space station near the new world you want to settle in and use the terminus teleporter (in the room to the left of the landing area of the space station) to go back to your previous base. Once your base is dismantled, go to the terminus teleporter in your base and teleport back to the new system you want your base in, then claim the new base.

Your ressources will be in the previous base cache of your new home :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything you put in your storage containers will be saved and will reappear once you build it again. I suggest you keep a log of what is inside each separate containers, so it’s easier to find the stuff you need and select the right storage container to build first.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Another trick is to never get too attached to anything. You can always build a bigger and better base! There’s always a better homeplanet to be discovered right around the corner.