CURRENTLY CALIBRATING: A HUB inside the Mercury Subroutine for ETARC

Citizen Science Hub Initiative

First voting phase for recruitment is done. You can see the previous thread here. We’re now moving to the next part, which is Calibration. During this phase, we will be determining on which consoles everyone is playing, and in which galaxy they are currently located. This will be extremely important before the Project Leaders voting phase begins, because each galaxy and platform will get a different Project Leader. Project Leaders will convene in a private room to form some sort of CSD council. Rest assured that our decision making process will be extremely transparent and all major decisions will be done in conjunction with other members of both the CSHI and CSFD.

In parallel, we will be doing the Citizen Science Frontiers Division recruitment poll. The Frontiers Division is the first initiative of it’s kind in the Mercury Subroutine. It is being created for the true nomads, pioneers and explorers. The duty of the Frontiers Division will be to explore the farthest reaches of the Mercury Subroutine in an attempt to reach the true galactic core of the 257th dimension. Along the way, they will be claiming worlds for CSD hubs and report back to our forums with occasional reports of their best finds, with some coordinates and screenshots if they are inclined to. A Frontiers Division project leader will be elected in the next phase of voting.


  • [PS4] Euclid
  • [PS4] Hilbert
  • [PS4] Calypso
  • [PS4] Other
  • [PC] Euclid
  • [PC] Hilbert
  • [PC] Calypso
  • [PC] Other
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  • [PS4] I’m a true nomad, sign me up for the Citizen Science Frontiers Division
  • [PC] I’m a true nomad, sign me up for the Citizen Science Frontiers Division
  • No thanks, I prefer the comfort of civilised space!
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Polls will close Wednesday, the 16th of August 2017, 12:00PM EST

Hub location:

It won’t be too far from the original Galactic Hub. They are very nice neighbors to have, and have some sweet tourism spots. But we’re not gonna be that close either, because we don’t want to interfere with their expansion. We’ll try to make it easy to visit the G-Hub and find a convenient corner of space to settle in, in due time! (Post-1.3)


NOW: Calibration of member locations and platforms (POLL OPEN! VOTE NOW!)
NOW: Assign project leaders for different platforms and galaxies
NOW: Try to establish a section of the forums dedicated to the ETARC / CSD hub with forum mods like @oldgods

PHASE 01.1
NOW: Create the CSD Frontiers Division, create clear mandate, find project leader. This is for intergalactic nomads who can’t stay put, their goal will be to reach the final galaxy while claiming worlds for ETARC / CSD (POLL OPEN! VOTE NOW!)

WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Location scouting for ETARC capital system in Euclid, Hilbert & Calypso
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Determination of the size of the CSD HUB (will be one entire region of the NMS universe - TBD)
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Voting on ETARC Capital System
WHEN 1.3 SHIPS: Voting on ETARC Capital System’s name

THEN: Create naming conventions for discoveries
THEN: Catalogue fauna, flora & ressources of all CSD HUB systems

OPTIONAL: Expansion, world domination.


Would appreciate if admins could pin this post :wink:


Bump it up! Bump up the jam!


Playing PS4. I’ve got a survival slot in Hilbert, and a new run on normal. I can help where help is needed.

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Don’t forget to answer the polls :slight_smile: It’s important to keep track of everything!

I fulfil a lot of the criteria, as I have multiple save files I’ve stored across the first 2 dimensions! Might be worth making it a multiple choice poll!

Also, I’m a muppet and didn’t realise this, so filled it in wrong with only the first option that applied :stuck_out_tongue:

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@FRANK_CADILLAC still have issues with these polls? Appears to work fine for everyone else.

I just want to say that I love this community and my jaw dropped when I read the patch notes for 1.3. I had a ton of fun with the Waking Titan ARG, but had lowered my expectations so much as to not be let down and wow was I wrong! HG has really done the community a huge favor and catered to its fan’s long sought after requests. So thank you HG for this wonderful journey and many more to come in this near endless universe of ours!

Now that that’s out of the way I wanted to say I love this idea of an ETARC/CSD Hub and I’d love to be a part of it. I don’t have a ton of free time so I can’t be a leader of any sorts, but I’ll do whatever I can to help this community grow! Thanks for the opportunity! Fly safe travelers!

I decided to start over, I’ll be PS4/Euclid… I plan to be a nomad… but now, having a sense of purpose, I will be venturing toward the center (haven’t been there yet) and beyond. Obviously, I will be a bit delayed in my travels as I restart from scratch.


That’s better, thanks :+1:

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Woo PS4 players FTW! PC Master Race can suck it! (Just kidding :heart: u guys :smile:)

Really sad, all these poor people who cannot afford an actual PC… :stuck_out_tongue: <3

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Hey I CHOSE to not have high resolution textures…or super cool particle effects…or mod capabilities…dammit…The controler light changes colors! :smile:


Well, you’re still better off than me tbh, I got a 7 year old PC, so any PS looks better than this. ^^

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Next move ?

Hey, first time poster here. I think I would be better off helping to expand the hub, instead of venturing off to distant worlds, although that does sound fun!

Hello everyone,

Tis bad news at this time.
There appears to be no more galaxies.

Need help in confirming a bug.
I am at the edge of the center when entering the center i return to where i departed to go to the center.
I have reported this.
I need help in confirming this.

Its possible there’s a trigger, perhaps part of the new story. Have you finished the new Artemis missions?

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no, I was sitting there when the update started, after up date I jumped, they can do something not nice if they have stopped the progress to the center.
Did they clear this with NADA?
Did they not consider the end of everything?
Breaking the progress has become tiring.

Only half of the people who voted during recruitment phase have registered for calibration so far. Shall we extend the poll, who’s meant to close in two hours?

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