CSD & ETARC PS4 Communities

Hey guys,

So I remember we discussed making PS4 communities a while back, I’d assumed by now someone would have made them. But upon searching different variations I couldn’t find a single PS4 community.

So I went ahead and made both of em.

If you already made one please let me know and I’ll destory them and join you :slight_smile:

Still don’t really understand how ps4 communties work or their exact function (or if I have time to run two, I may donate them to some good soul) but if you are interested in joining either one, just search ETARC or Citizen Scientist Division and they should pop.

If you have any ideas of what sort of content/topics/events should be organised throught these communities please by all means, throw science at the wall until something sticks!


Just joined the ETARC one - Epitaph_DF.

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Joined ETARC, waiting for Citizen Scientist Division acceptance.

Also, started the “Citizen Science Frontier Division” CFSD was taken.

Update: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

edit: Its not the CFSD, it the CSFD, you mutton-head!

definitely create a communal planet with a portal address for members to gather and discuss, could even stream it, 16 is the magic number of players, and I’d like to see a full planet.

I started a ps4 community when the ARG started. Its called Waking Titan


Ooh, Will have to sign up so :slight_smile: Feel free to join mine too I’ll make you a moderator. Speaking of…

If anyone here is interested in being a moderator on the two communities I set up, let me know. I have one full time job and then I have a sorta hobby job on the side so my time can be very limited depending on the week.

I don’t think I’ll have all that much time to run things on the communities ( I don’t really know what that even requires really) so if theres anyone with experience in PS4 communities etc please message me, I’ll be happy to hand the keys over, I just wanted to make sure we had the communities up and running for all to join.

@Sir_oops is it still saying you need acceptance? I thought I’d set them up so anyone can join, but I may have made an absolute balls of it.

@ekult I think we’ll defintiely have to organise some sort of event! I know we’re establishing a hub somewhere near the galactic hub (which I hear is moving to a new location now) so I’d say best time to do the main event is when we have a home planet up and running.

Personally I’ve hit that bug where I am not recieving glyphs, so I cant use portals ATM to organise any sort of meet up or event. But by all means you guys have free reign on that (send me your psn and I’ll give you MOD access buddy!). I started a survival save yesterday and I’m just about to start seeing graves soon I think, so I’ll be portal jumping soon enough with that save until they patch the bug for my main save.

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@toddumptious Yup,I got in. Thanks.

Although my PS4 has been dormant for several days now, a situation which looks set to continue for a little longer yet, still I am seeing the NMS-light emerging at the end of this slightly turbulent tunnel I have been inhabiting of late! I am thinking now as well, reading this that when I do re-emerge in full, I might pick out a group there from here to mark the occasion…like a new landing pad :slight_smile:

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