[ETARC HUB]: CSFD of ETARC hub and The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub, Compact #1

By witness of Atlas and Atlas’ Citizen Scienctist, all who sign below agree to the following.

The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub will Claim a system in the Name of ETARC hub and one Planet in the name of the CSFD of Etarc. The System will act as an embassy for ETARC hub and the planet an outpost for the CSFD of ETARC.
The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub will maintain the system in the absent of a member of ETARC, until a member/ambassador can be stationed there.

One planet or moon named “CSFD @zsigmond
in system named “ETARC Embassy #1 [BAH]”
Distance to the center: 0-4000 LY
Portal Address: required
It is preferred that the Portal be in sight of an unclaimed base, and at the most no further then 1 hour.
Planet must be as non-threatening as possible, yet resource rich.
Any other planet, if possible, leave for Etarc hub government to name when established,
otherwise original names, discovers choice with no tags, or suggestions listed below:
"ETARC @Oshoryu "
"ETARC @Xion4012 "

In return the CSFD of ETARC will promote The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub as a point of interest on the CSFD of ETARC’s Trans Galactic Highway. The CSFD will also encourage the government of ETARC to claim a system in the name of The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub to establish an Embassy in the ETARC hub.

disclaimer: this is not a legally binding document.

  • The Budullangr Amino (PS4) hub

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Please, invite your fellow members in either group, this is history. I’m only allowed so many invites. Thanks. :grin:

This moon fits the criteria, the weather is fine besides storms but they didn’t affect my hazards at all while I wandered around in the ‘painfully hot rain’.
The base is an hours walk away.
There’s little life, from what I’ve seen there’s fish and cow-like creatures which are ambivalent to travellers much like the sentinels as they are passive too.
While there’s a lot of water on this little rock, not too much is between the portal and the nearest base.
There’s a decent amount of resources including a medium sized plutonium crop and a sparse chryonisite crop on the edge of the portals’ crater and a large growth of heridium within a minutes walk from the portal as well as numerous zinc plants scattered around.
The system is within 100 light years of the inner void.


Looks good Red, looks like an agreement. It may take us a little longer to hold up are end of the bargain. When we get more Outposts linked to Euclid will start making flyers to promote the road and your Hub. Will list your capitol and the Outpost PA, and some info/hyperlink on joining. Let us know your know your thoughts.

And to everyone from both sides thank you, I can’t wait to visit.

Just another Instigator,
Sir Oops

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I must apologize for such a long delay, I hadn’t noticed your response but the moon shall be claimed today as an Outpost.

We have a Port of Call which could be used as a capital and here’s the info to it as well as other information;

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Unfortunately during the interim the system was claimed outside of the hub.
However I have found a verdant planet with a mellow climate and has a base ten minutes walk from the portal.
Here’s the portal address and climate info;

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Hey is this address in your hub?

Hi, unfortunately that address is several jumps from the hub.

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The embassy has now been uploaded, I do apologize for such an egregious delay but now it’s there and after making an announcement post in the Amino community there’s already at least one player making it their next destination.


Hullo, I know it has been a while. But we have some system in the Etarc Hub Star chain available for a BAH embassy. I was wondering should it be AH or BAH. Are the two groups affiliated? It would be great if it could be AH, and used fore both groups. seeing that AH is our neighbor. If you are affiliated can you speak for them?