[ETARC HUB]: Finding a Capital- Poll Closed

We have our Hub mapped out now, let’s take the next step. We need a capital. In this thread I’d like to see people discussing exactly what we want in a capital planet/system. Number of planets, whether it has a moon, and planetary conditions (biome, sentinels, etc.). I would also encourage anyone who has found a potential candidate(s) to post them here (include star and planet names).

We will beging the final vote for the capital. The Hub Star Catalogue can be used as a reference tool to familiarize yourself with the candidates.

  • Akyotor, Oquiyaks Sipi
  • Akyotor, Almermonderh
  • Lefirdi-Ikoma, Hoanagii Brovsk
  • Lefirdi-Ikoma, Hereidenttiet
  • Othrys XVI (star has been named), Wichukchiinic
  • Othrys XVI, Ufferdwarz Onyang

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Consider extreme planets as a possibility: it opens up options. The capital will not be a resource mine but a place to visit… so the biome is less critical.
Proximity of a habitat to a portal is more important.


The Spacing Guild is thinking of having our holiday party in the ETARC Hub. Do you have any complaints with us inviting everyone to a cold planet to celebrate together a little before New Year’s?


Base adjacent to portal, with in eye sight would be awesome, but if it isn’t, the drive could be nice, depending on the planet. If we have to drive i like sand storm type planets with canyons. :wink:

I think the system should either just be a single planet system or the max 6 (for possible division and embassy). But, I believe only one base will show per system so maybe a 1 planet base would be best. Do we want a meeting hall/base? how will we use the capital? will there only be one base claimed or will multiple people claim bases there?

Exotic red star system to represent the Atlas?


You won’t want anyone else claiming a base in the system with the capitol building. Since only one base can be seen by other players, it could prevent most people from seeing the the capitol base.

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If my memory serves me correct, there are no single planet systems in the chain.
Perhaps one of the unique trio or dual star clusters on the chain will present an alternative opportunity?

Are we fussy as to which race is our preferred custodians?


no gek ever lol


I like the extreme planet idea. As long as the base has an indoor area for recharge and a trade terminal for shield fuel.

I agree the base should be as close to the main (only?) portal as possible. I would suggest no more than a 5 minute exo ride between them for easy access. I trust Mac is right about 1 base per system, so we will have to watch that. We need find someone to design and build a capital building as well.

No Gek :rofl: Easy enough.


Would much prefer the kzsct ramble of the korvax to the grunts and growls of vykeen (“Cha la salinda!”). :laughing:

Hope we can reach an agreement before the end of the year … think it would be a great thing if we have a capitol to host travelers from other hubs on ‘unification day’ … travelers could make a circuit from one hub capitol to another! Just seems a better ‘first step’ toward cooperative collaborations than everyone trying to go to the same place.

Just thinkin out loud. :thinking:


I would think you would be more then welcome , Mac. I would like to thank you and the guild for the Hub Exploration Assistance. I believe the whole Hub would be honored.


This post might come into relevance now


I would vote for a base to purely wow visitors; there are already plenty farms out there, so something more unique would be better. Creating it across game modes is definitely possible, provided the builder is able to build it on the same planet in every game mode.


I was thinking more of drawing up blueprints on Excel and sharing them with the people who would go out and build the base on their assigned gamemode/format.

Here’s the blueprints I created for my original frozen base


I could help with that. I would be willing to build it in normal mode or creative mode. Survival mode is the only one I have a base I don’t want to give up. And by the way, you won’t need to have anyone build it in permadeath mode since the survival mode base will be visible to permadeath players.


So it seems the only qualification so far is that we’re looking for a Korvax system. I took a look, and most of the systems have either poor economies or hostile pirates. Since we seem to agree that it should not be a farm, economy doesn’t matter too much. Is low hostility going to be important when most people will arrive by portal? If not, that would open up a lot more options.

As of now, the systems Liinak and Adomag-Feue look like potential candidates.

@MacForADay does the “invisible base” effect not occur across game modes? If I have a base on survival, and someone on normal claims one nearby, my base is still visible to survival players?


Is there any Candidates in the center of the star chain?


There is actually. Both Lefirdi-Ikoma and Nidarin-Magar fit the current criteria, and are located near the center of the string.


What a few pirates never stopped anyone!!!

on ward to war!!!



A Spacing Guild member recently experimented with this by building the exact same base in all 3 game modes. It worked, and I was able to visit the base in both normal and survival mode. I couldn’t see it in creative mode for some reason, but other players could, so I don’t know what happened there.


Took a closer look at these with capitol in mind … this is my first choice:

This planet is closest to the station … nice open spaces …

This planet is not as close to the station, but has some real pros …

No Man's Sky_20171123142021

Either of these could be a great capitol. :grinning: