[ETARC HUB]: Naming Conventions - POLLS CLOSED


Fellow Interlopers,

The Hub is once again rolling and discussion for how we tag our worlds claimed in its name is what we are here to discuss. Please follow this post for Locations and do not forget to cast your vote!

The Thread Agenda below will be updated as and when successful votes have been completed or when a consensus in the replies has been reached, so please check this post for updates. This will save decisions getting lost in the replies!

Thread Agenda

  1. Naming The Capital - Capital Planet - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    This is to decide the name of our Capital (excluding Tag)
    Edison @Oshoryu
    Diplopolis @Wyo
    Edisonica @Sir_oops

  2. Naming Convention - Capital System - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    This is to decide the name of the System the Capital will be located
    [ETARC Hub] Aemilius @Oshoryu
    Etarcia Prime: Official ETARC Hub @Mad-Hatter

  3. Naming Convention - Hub System - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    This is to decide the name of Systems in close proximity to the Capital System
    [ETARC HUB] System Name @Oshoryu
    System Name ECSD @Mad-Hatter
    ACSD HUB: System Name @LordMarkov
    ETARC System Name @Sir_oops

  4. Naming Convention - Hub Planets - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    This is to decide the name of Planets connected to the Hub
    [ETARC HUB] Planet Name @Oshoryu
    Planet Name ECSD @Mad-Hatter
    ACSD HUB: Planet Name @LordMarkov
    Planet Name @Sir_oops (As in No Tag present)
    ECSD Planet Name @Mad-Hatter
    CSFD Planet Name @zsigmond

  5. Naming Convention - Fauna/Flora Discoveries - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    Not even sure if this is needed, but for the sake of completeness and in the event some amazing looking Diplo is discovered on the eventual Capital

  6. Naming Convention - Planets/Systems - UNKNOWN - IN PROGRESS
    How shall our worlds and stars be named? This is dealing specifically with the name of an individual planet/star. NOT the Tag.
    Descriptive (Listing Weather/Resources/Landmarks/Fauna etc)
    Non-Descriptive (Free flowing and random)


  • 31st October - Suggestions and ideas collated

  • 31st October - Polls Created and voting on Points 1,2,3,4,5,6 starts

  • 9th November - Polls Close

Naming the Capital Planet (Point 1)

  • Edison
  • Diplopolis
  • Edisonica
  • Other

0 voters

Naming the Capital System (Point 2)

  • [ETARC Hub] Aemilius
  • Etarcia Prime: Official ETARC Hub
  • Other

0 voters

Naming Hub Systems (The Tag) (Point 3)

  • [ETARC HUB] System Name
  • System Name ECSD
  • ACSD HUB: System Name
  • ETARC System Name
  • Other

0 voters

Naming Hub Planets (Point 4)

  • [ETARC HUB] Planet Name
  • Planet Name ECSD
  • ACSD HUB: Planet Name
  • ECSD Planet Name
  • CSFD Planet Name
  • Other

0 voters

Naming Flora/Fauna Discoveries (Point 5)

  • Descriptive
  • Non-Descriptive
  • Other

0 voters

Naming of Planets & Systems (Point 6)

  • Descriptive (Listing Weather/Resources/etc)
  • Non-Descriptive (Free Flowing and random
  • Named in honour of Esteemed members and WT Lore
  • Other

0 voters

Update: 31/10/17

The Polls are up!

I’ve added “Other” to each category just in case we have any last minute mind changers or for those, “I like part of Option 1 and part of Option 2” moments.

I’m posting this a day early to give everyone as much time as possible. Voting will close on Thursday 9th November giving you 10 days.

Once complete, I will collate the results and pass these onto @Xion4012 to be implemented in any progress and discoveries made in finding us all a home. Please vote here too if you haven’t already!

Before voting I would urge you to read through the thread again to re-familiarise yourselves with the reasons and explanations given for each submission.

Many thanks all.

[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD
Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!
[ETARC HUB]: Location Discussion- POLL CLOSED

To kick this off, here’s my views, ideas and thoughts on the names.

Point 1

Have said it a few times already, I strongly feel the capital should be called [ETARC Capital]: Edison

Point 2

How about [ETARC HUB]: Edison

Point 3

Again, I’d keep it uniform with [ETARC HUB]: System Name

Point 4

For planets you could go with [ETARC HUB]: Planet Name

Point 5

I’m happy to name “Special” looking fauna/flora, but does it need a tag too?

I’m undecided on the idea of adding Parenthesis.

Just my two pence.


My only query would be to ask if ETARC HUB “NAME” will fit nicely on screen?
I haven’t looked but in the past when I had a long ellaborate name, it didn’t show completely on the ship HUD on aproach to a planet.
(It was for this reason I adopted the shorter ‘ECSD’ and tacked on the end instead).
It doesnt matter on the Galactic Map but on the HUD it was irritating not being able to see a full name on aproach.
Does the HUD still have a width limit or was it altered? I can’t look at the moment…
Other than that little fact-check, I’m fine with the suggestion from @Oshoryu for the HUB naming.
Wouldnt worry about critters, plants and rocks. Got to have a bit of freedom.


Thanks for your reply. I have edited the first post to include your suggestion.

With the long tag I guess it depends on how people name their planets/systems, obviously we want to give people as much freedom as possible in this part.

Not sure on character limit or visible character limit, I’ll do some research on this.


I am already past Euclid but, I still want to support thr HUB. I took a cue from @Mad-Hatter and have been naming all systems ECSD. E in memory of our time here and CSD for the future ahead of us. My planets are named with no tag. In light of the fact that we really do not know what is to come, I have chosen special names only for planets with the big ring strucutures. The system I name ECSD Boundary Failure ‘the name in the ring lore’ and then I name that planet with the name mentioned on the ring. And yes, the name does run off because of length however, the window scrolls itself so you can read all of it. Also I am on PC, so I hope there are some here still in Euclid to help set up a HUB there. That’s all I have to offer. :blush:


Thanks @sheralmyst, I’ve added a sixth point to the list in the first post. This deals with the actual name of the Planet/Star and how we should proceed with that.

I used to name planets based on weather or resources, but since the Galaxy Reseed in 1.3 a lot of that is now obsolete.

So the tag you use is ECSD.E (E meaning Euclid I’m guessing?) I’ll get this added to the list above too.


Hello fellows!

I actually named my own system ETARC Community System when I signed up here, so I am with your suggestions, they fit my impression.

In Honor


‘E’ was for Etarc. As in Etarc Citizen Science Devision. I chose to not use using ‘ETARC’ the full name so as to avoid confusion should a hub one day be enroute of a system I’d named. But I did want to avoid a simple CSD as I presume there may be a lot of those. ECSD was a short compromise.


Just for reference. I name ALL my systems using this template;
I name my planets 1 of 2 ways:
Generic typical planets often get the generated name applied with no alteration.
Interesting (in some way) planets get this template:
CREATIVE&FUNNAME ECSD. (The tag hopefully directing a visitor to the planet). By interesting I mean particularly pretty, really good for isotopes collection, exotic. really extreme, that sort of thing. No rules just having fun with it.

If a planet was so interesting it deserves to be seen, I’ll ensure the system name is very similar to the planet I name it after. Otherwise the name of the system will be an encompassing name that may or may not describe the planets found there.
Several times I’ve forgotten to add the ECSD which is frustrating with no edit function.


Thank you for that, I have amended the original post to accurately depict where the tag lies.

There was one planet I found where there was an abundance of Thamium9, I named it Thamia.

Is that the kind of approach you take? I’m guessing you will be supporting the Descriptive planet names then as per Point 6. (If I read and understood that right)

When I came back after 1.3 during the Great T9 Drought of 2017, it had dried up and the name was redundant!


Yeah. I use a descriptive name such as
CrispyCookedLizardBits ECSD.
Or some such…
I figure the worst that can happen is it isn’t remotely true if a reseed or alteration happens…and that’s already happened.
Sometimes I leave it more obscure with no capitals but then I can’t even work it out later on when Im looking for something :smile:


I completely agree with wanting renaming for your own discoveries. I have even moved my base to a new system before because of an error in my intended system name.

As for naming conventions, will it matter truly whether the “ECSD” occurs as a prefix, suffix or a clever use of the tag in the middle of a name?.. And as a side note, this community is the Atlas Citizen Science Division. So, should the abbreviation be “ACSD” (not to delay the decision further, just thought I would put that out there before a final decision is made.)

On a personal note, I name systems in my own domain with my own prefix. The rest of the name is descriptive unless the planet or system is truly unremarkable (or well mixed). In those cases I in part use the procedurally generated name, but reword it so it looks more pronounceable and/or sounds cooler. I will suffix super rare finds in parentheses.


Editing would be a huge plus.

I chose to put the acronym at the end so the descriptive name shows first in the HUD if the name is long. It doesnt matter really. Personal choice.

I started as an ETARCian so I just retain it.
Good point on the ACSD being more relevant now…

I also often rework pro.gen names for typical planets.


Re: Point 6

Naming planets and systems outside the Hub will always be what you wish, but for locations connected to the Hub itself we should have a uniform way.

I must admit, something rankles me about naming planets, to use an example I’ve mentioned before and taking Star Wars as an example: Tatooine, Jakku, Hoth, Naboo tell nothing of the type of world they are, there’s no reference to biome or fauna or resource.

It bugs me that there are planets out there called, “Find Gold Here” and the reseed has changed the planet’s makeup anyway. Future reseeds will have similar effects.

I get the whole, ‘it’s hard to know what’s what’ so maybe once the location has been decided upon, a list of the planets connected to the Hub will have some decent descriptions as well as pictures.

IMHO the names for the Hub worlds need to be robust and can stand the test of time and reseeds.


Absolutely. Nothing descriptive. Nothing suggestive of their content. Purely a name. (And not one pinched from a movie :rage:)
Perhaps old mythology could provide samples of how to structure them.
Garatorios. Rytedathorn. Baggarrador. (I made those up) Big chunky names that mean nothing but sound good.
Maybe there is a genre of industry we could delve into for name bits.


For my purpose and in the name of all whom are playing so they will know whom has gone before, I use the following:

  1. ETARC : it is always the first.
  2. CSFD: non-center system that is note worthy.
  3. GB-ZIG: my tag.

Since the time we have decided to name systems in a certain way, I have done the above.
please check this listing for further information:

I agree ETARC is for those at a center

I have found a perfect world.
no storm, no hostile creature, lot’s of buildings
it is like GREEN ACRES that I found but better.

edit to add info:
present system I am in names:
705286 from center
system: CSFD-Fimmatra
planet: CSFD-Kuchihi-Heho Wahymnie


Thanks for taking the initiative, @Oshoryu!

I put the tag first, so “ETRAC SystemA” for systems
and planets by division “CSDI planetA”, “CSFD planetB”, or just “planet C”

There are times, like when you want to keep all or part of a given name, the tag would work better at the end.


Yes, as stated by @Mad-Hatter, E is for ETARC in memory of our experience here. Sorry for the delayed reply. My mom had a total knee replacement and I have not had much time in the last week :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your replies, we’re fast building the poll options!

Haven’t had much input from the name of the Capital. Does anyone have any counter-suggestions to Edison? (Point 1)

As for the System the Capital is located, I have came up with; “Aemilius”, this is the German translation for Emily and means industrious which I thought was quite apt. (Point 2)

Also should the Capital System follow the normal naming as in Point 3 to keep it consistent or should it have a more distinguished tag?

Many thanks


@Oshoryu, my previous comment would be for none hub systems and planets, outside of the hub. #6 i believe.

I like the ETARC HUB tag for systems. #3 I don’t think it needs to be on planets. #4