[ETARC HUB]: Potentate Wanted

My fellow Etarchians,

I have contacted @SlowRiot4NuZero he has become aloof, no response. This is what I propose, I call for a vote on the office of “That Guy”, as SlowRoit inadvertently titled our potentate. (Or “That Gal” if that is an issue.)

I would like to be…

  • “That Guy/Gal”
  • In a leadership role
  • Just a member

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If you you checked “That guy/gal” please post below in detail your proposal for the future of ETARC HUB and most importantly how the government will be structured.

If you picked a leadership roll keep watch for the governmental structure with the roll you would like and vote when the time comes.

If you picked “Just a member” get out and vote when the time comes… and debate.

Time schedule, voting ends on 11/11/17. I will extend this until we have at least two candidates, I hope for more. I encourage editing of your proposal. Borrowing of ideas from posters or other candidates, is okay in my book. Please, keep your post on your structure tidy and one post.

Please, lead you post with this header…

I am “That Guy”

I will do not wish to be that guy, but I will put in for offical leader of CSFD for one term at least and will help in this election.

Just another Instigator,
Sir Oops

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I am “That Guy” and here’s why…

Government Structure

  1. There will be a Galactic Council per Galaxy. This will be made up of Regional Governors.
  2. A Regional Governor will be appointed ideally for each game mode. (Normal, Survival, Permadeath, Creative) on both formats, so a total of Eight.
  3. Each Regional Governor will be responsible for claiming the same system and planet using the same name throughout.
  4. The Regional Governor will be responsible for setting up an identical base on said planet and rallying other players in their game mode to expand the hub around the Capital.
  5. Position of Regional Governor will also be open to other galaxies, (again, across the game modes and formats)
  6. The Galactic Council will vote on all matters including new membership and expulsion from the Council and stripping of Regional Governor title as well as, (in the early stages, location).
  7. There will be two Supreme Governors, promoted from the rank of Regional Governor, (who will still act as Regional Governor for their mode). There will be one for PS4 and one for PC and will have the right of veto over their Governors.
  8. The Supreme Governor will rule for a minimum term of four months, they can be expelled from office by majority vote or opt to stand down in case real life interferes.
  9. At the end of the four month term, a vote is cast to either elect a new Supreme Governor or have the current one remain in office.

The below illustrates it a little better:

In short, consistency and continuity throughout the game modes and formats will be maintained. This will ensure regardless of what game mode is played, a player will always be able to find the Hub.

Regional Governor Criteria

  • The primary aim of the Regional Governor is to set up the Hub Capital in their chosen gamemode.
  • Must be willing to remain, (at least maintain the Capital) for the duration of his/her tenure.
  • A person can be Regional Governor of more than one game mode.
  • Regional Governors positions are quite numerous and are subject to a simple application unless there is already a Regional Governor in place in which case an election will take place.
  • Regional Governors do not have specific terms of office and can stay indefinitely if they choose.
  • If a Regional Governor is no longer performing his duties, they can be removed from office and must abandon their base for the successful candidate to occupy.

First Steps

If successful, I will be busy from the off. I will take the role of Euclid Supreme Governor for PS4, and after four months I will let someone else sit in the big chair. I will be looking to someone to be the PC Euclid Supreme Governor straight away.
Then we will be busy appointing our Regional Governors and once this is complete, the search for the Hub location can begin. It may be that areas have already been scouted, these can be submitted and reviewed. A universal base design to be decided upon, (will it be functional i.e. a Farm? Or will it be a showcase base?)

All this is lots of work and I hope to bring some structure to it all and get things moving.

Naming Conventions

Capital System
ETARC Hub - Edison

Capital Planet
ETARC Hub Capital - Edison

Planets and systems claimed in and around the Hub Capital can be named:
ETARC Hub - Name_of_choice

My Pledge

My vision is one of unity and co-operation, people working together to promote the name of ETARC throughout the known galaxies, and there is so much work to do to achieve that vision.

I came here a No Mans Sky player, sick of the trolls and hate from Reddit and found a place on the net I can talk about NMS, I can ask stupid questions and not feel stupid or get down-voted.

I can’t help but feel like an Interloper of sorts, we have intruded and taken over this forum from it’s original community beginnings, Edison Township Amature Radio Club. So what better name to choose for our new Capital? Honouring the roots of this site and it’s beginnings should be respected.

I want to put ETARC at the forefront of the Galactic map, this is after all the official forum for NMS so lets do this right.


Hey guys, not sure where I fit in to all of this, I seem to have just about enough time to play the game when I get in from work, and little etarc foruming time, I sneak most my time on the boards in during work. But I do want to help build the ETARC hub as best I can.

I can’t be a regional governer thats for sure, just wouldn’t have the time. I don’t mind being an ambassador in some way/shape/form. I am currently setting up safe and accessable farming bases across all my saves in Euclid close to portals as possible in the name of ETARC so I can at least share and provide those resources once set up and running.

I also have a PC copy of the game though I haven’t played that since 1.3 launched, pouring a lot of my focus into my ps4 survival save as it was the only one not majorly effected by 1.3 story/progression bugs at the time.

I know @SlowRiot4NuZero is a very busy guy (game developer/musician/other), I was surprised he took on so much of the organisation initially, I’m sure he’ll dip back in now and then but he laid the foundation that got the ball rollin, so lets just keep it going!

@Oshoryu You got my vote man, hell most people on this forum will get my vote, a lot of good folk on here. Really appreciate your emphasis on preserving the ETARC heritage, I think Edison is the obvious choice for our capital system and/or planet. “Edison, Edison” like “New York, New York” haha.


Thank you for your support @toddumptious, see Point 4 for how you would fit in if you don’t fancy the idea of being a Regional Governor or just don’t have the time. I hope there’s a place for everyone to be involved in this in some form.

The Regional Governors will need a good team of Ambassadors to grow the Hub in their gamemode.


I like the idea but the 256-1 and 1-256 needs to be addressed.

There needs to be a galaxy, 8 galaxies, 16 galaxies, and 32 galaxies… and so on appointees to balance forward/back and back/forward relationships between the dimensions. i.e. interdimensional governors posts.


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A great start (or continuation) here!

I’ll be around to help on the exploration front. I might be most useful in finding some interesting planets along our Trans-Galactic Highway, finding a nice system near the galaxy centers (if they haven’t been found already), and assisting where I can. This is my quiet time of the year but from January through mid-July, it’s pretty tough to play much (let alone do anything above and beyond).

NMS though is a LONG term game for me and I plan on being around to help for many years to come!! I’ll do what I can to help my fellow citizen scientists explore the galaxies!!! (I will have a lot more time come 2019!)

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So, just my 2 cents here. Why are we putting forth candidates for a position that doesn’t exist? We don’t even have a Hub yet, and people already want to be the supreme leader of it? And what responsibility would this position require? I don’t see the purpose of an elected leader at this point, nor do I like the idea of someone else making decisions without community input. People will naturally fill the leaderships positions as needed. I think you may have jumped the gun on this one.

Personally, I think the best idea right now would be to get an idea of who wants to participate and where they are. However, I have been working on an initiative for the Euclid Hub. I set this up to be a quick and easy jump-start. As long as everyone respects community decisions, this should more or less run itself.

I’ve put together an initiative for a Hub in the Euclid galaxy. The new forum is up, and more members are showing up every day. Let’s establish ourselves in Euclid.

Just a few quick protocol topics before we go further: This will be a very lengthy process. All topics relating to the Hub will start with a public discussion on the forum. We will use the ideas from the discussion to draft polls when decisions need to be made. Both discussion and polling will remain active for extended periods of time to allow the greatest number of people a chance to provide their input.

I’ve broken the process down into 3 objectives. We will do these one-by-one, but there will be overlap in some of the activities.

Objective 1. We need to begin discussing the location of the Hub. This is a general discussion. We will address questions like: Distance to core? Proximity to other Hubs? Aesthetics like the shape of the star cluster or the color of nearby nebulae.

This will require a few rounds of discussion and polling to address all the things we want/need. Once we know what we’re looking for, we can set the scouts to find the perfect spot. The scouting can continue through Objective 2.

Objective 2. Naming Conventions. Judging by the CSFD’s reaction to this question, I think this will be an evolving discussion. Initially this will be about star names only. We will likely talk about planetary and other convention later, but we should stick to one topic at a time here.

By the time we finish objective 2, we should have some good candidates for a Hub location (from objective 1). We will likely hold a vote at this point to decide on the general area of the Hub and basic naming conventions. We will need both to continue.

Objective 3. The Capital. We will start by discussing what we want in a capital planet: weather, sentinel activity, flora/fauna, available resources and frequency, parent star, etc. We can simultaneously discuss and scout, just in case someone finds something of interest (diplos?). After we have a few proper candidates, we can put it to a vote.

Again, every topic will be discussed extensively and polls will stay open for extended periods of time (2 week minimum I say, but this is open for discussion). We want to make this as “democratic” as possible. Which leads to the one and only rule there will really be: Everyone that agrees to be part of the Hub project must follow the guidelines set by the community. This will be especially important when it comes to naming conventions (we need consistency).


Hi @Xion4012

I completely agree with your methodology in Objectives 1, 2 and 3. This is how it should be and this is also inline with how I hope it will work. Everything needs voting on and decided on collectively, apologies if I failed to make that clear. I don’t want to set up a dictatorship! (Too much work and ultimately unpopular!) My suggestions for naming conventions and ranks pertaining to structure are just that, suggestions.

The point of this is that no, a position doesn’t exist. No, we don’t have a Hub yet. That there is currently no one in place to start the polls off, no one to provide much needed direction and get the ball rolling. My post above outlines my ideas on how to provide some form of structure that involves as many people as possible working towards the formation of something resembling a Hub.

As far as I’m concerned, this is @SlowRiot4NuZero’s baby so if he decides to get involved again and pick up the reigns I will look to support him and help out wherever I can.

You’ve misunderstood my intentions if you think I just want to be known as the, “Supreme Governor” I just want the Hub to start moving forward whatever my place is in that.


A lot of these discussions and polls were in place by @SlowRiot4NuZero but it kinda stagnated a bit for a while, those who were heavily involved back then are just trying to get the ball re-rollin, naming conventions have been discussed and polled in the past, top contenders being [ETARC] or [ECSD] or something similar but we will definitely repoll, right now I think these guys are just trying to workshop ideas in terms of official structure, we’ve had people scouting potential locations for a hub and homeworld since August, I have my own short list of potential spots I will share and publish once a thread goes up asking for candidates.

With that said… know this ETARC.

Citizen TODD exists.

Its birth cry shattered across the cosmos, A phantasmagorical scar left in it’s wake, its children scurrying out from within to engulf the inherent madness that befalls all travellers and wipe the children of the atlas from the simulation.

TODD has spoken (yes, I’m starting a space cult… wannafideabouddit?!)


If I came off as overly critcial, I apologize. No offense intended. At this point, I see no structure to place leadership into. Nor do I understand what these positions would require, given all decisions will be put to a public vote. It is my opinion that creating leadership at this point will be more divisive than uniting. Unless @toddumptious decides to finally take his place as leader of ETARC, but he seems more interested in his space cult :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It seems I may have misunderstood the idea. So if this topic is about leadership roles, I think it’s too soon. If this is about the next step for ETARC, I’ve made my case.


I think of it more as a “we need someone right now to start making these posts for us to vote on” kinda thing, if he/she still wants to carry the reigns once the HUB is established thats cool but it seems Oshoryu is happy to pass the torch every now and then. If we don’t at least stick someone in place for the early administration, you could get a lot of people making similar polls about the same things or splintering off because their poll for the hub was ignored etc.


As for taking my rightful place as leader, neigh, Benevolent Overlord, of ETARC?! NO! With that, I should have power too great and terrible. And over me the Atlas would gain a power still greater and more deadly. Do not tempt me! For I do not wish to become like @SlowRiot4NuZero myself. Do not tempt me! I dare not take it!


Thank you for the clarification. If that is how it will work, I’m in.

Your delayed humility does you no good :sweat:

If you’re not interested in the position, I’m not interested in pursuing the idea further.


The power of imagination and the ability to cope with hatred makes one a great leader! Especially if he takes cool screenshots :wink:


A brief moment of power mad vanity!

However, as you’ll see, several others have since surpassed Emily so I guess they can have my seat!

Personally I vote for @sheralmyst (derp, i meant @linshell) , being the most badass “old lady” I’ve come across in our multiverse.

Other contenders for the title of “UberEmily” are @DevilinPixy @Mad-Hatter @MacForADay @Virakotxa @ekult @Polyphemus and the imaginative, powerful, hate bouncing @Simran_Dhillon above me there.


I’ve noticed. I’m not too far off Emily myself. But you do still hold the top spot.

You point out a considerable problem though. Generally speaking, in a situation like this the people who are best suited to the job don’t seem interested. But it’s early, I’ll just have to wait and see.

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The vote will be for leader and structure. So, those who voted for “That Guy/Gal”, get your structures posted, even if its just a drafter.

@Oshoryu yours is up, start refining.
@zsigmond, @Xion4012, @SailorMamahed post your proposals, if your don’t want to be the first, but would like a term, let us know.

This is for our first official leader, our founder will always be @SlowRiot4NuZero.
Anyone running for this, should review at least the OPs of the ETARC HUB history threads.
see [ETARC HUB]: Waking ETARC HUB and the links there.

I look forward to seeing how you all work these proposals, I know if I was running I would borrow heavily from SlowRoit. I would try to fashion a true democracy. That being said it is very hard to do on a forum. Good luck.

Here is me just as a member/voter. Here is a thought I had once on voting.

I think this would be democratic.

  1. :paperclips: Submissions (leader ask people to make a short to the point submission with the “paperclips” icon.) Any submissions with more then three likes goes into poll.
  2. Have blind poll, winner must win by 50% more then total of losing total votes, if not continue.
  3. Rearrange submissions in descending order knockoff zero votes and last third(round up).
  4. Have blind poll, winner must win by 50% more then total of losing total votes, if not repeat step 4 and 5.

There is all ways

How many days to vote?
@discobot roll 1d20

Should we continue with elections?
@discobot fortune

:game_die: 7

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Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen someone use the d20.

My proposal is in my previous post. No point taking up extra space:

The only role I would take is to gently nudge the conversations in the right direction, and to accept player input for polling. Everyone will have equal opportunity to express their ideas. As I said, it should run itself.

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Not of a political mind myself as I dont take things seriously enough…(and like @toddumptious, I might go mad with power if I took on leadership roles) :wink:
I like our cruisey crew, so apart from everybody in a hub area agreeing on a name system to keep the star clusters & regions uniform, do we truly need a governing body? If we lock things down too much with directives and protocols, we might we end up causing crankiness in a community that is all nice and friendly at present. Just my two cents. :hugs: