Hullo my fellow Etarchians,

A Hub is being formed, one hub to represent the ETARC forum. Topics are scatted about the forum, each calling Our Hub by different working name, Mandala effect much. Lets get united under one banner, come participates.


Main discussion



On Platform

Give me a holler :scream:, if I missed one.

Just another Instigator

P.S. A little plea from me, If you create a topic about our hub. please add [ETARC HUB]: in front of it.


a: added Platform locations, modified header for unity (even thou its redundant,
b: added “Future ETARC Hub, where are you?” topic, added plea.
c: removed"Future ETARC Hub, where are you?" topic obsolete.
d: removed my strong emoji, tried to clarify plea.
f: added New Discoveries Questionnaire link
g: fixed and add links
h: added link to leadership elections.
I: added main link discussions, naming conventions & location

[ETARC HUB]: Potentate Wanted
[HUB]: ETARC Census
[ETARC HUB]: Potentate Wanted
CURRENTLY CALIBRATING: A HUB inside the Mercury Subroutine for ETARC

Good to see this coming together in one place. Thank you to everyone contributing and moderators helping keep this organized, this is an impressive collective we have growing here. Excited for us to claim territory and see how far our Frontiers Division can go! “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!”


Updated, Revision I.






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