ETARC Hub Spacing Guild H.E.A.D. Project


The Spacing Guild has started a Hub Exploration Assistance Department project to help explore the ETARC Hub! Check the link below regularly to access the lists of discoveries our members make. Rare and unique discoveries will be listed to allow visitors to the hub to find the best stuff quickly, such as diplos, exotic planets, Traveler NPCs, Theta blueprints and more!

Spacing Guild members participating in the project: Myself (Merimacdwarf-orc on PSN), Vice Director BoomstickJoe, Red_Wings_2014, Jacob_2000_Lol, Imperialforce8, KnightAlese, Kingvithe1st, InfiniteDeath8, LordMarkov, TNT_Musician, and Dthurs have arrived in the ETARC Hub and our discovery lists are now in the above link.

Use the signal booster coordinates we give in our discovery lists to navigate to the stars with rare discoveries. Here is a link to a thread where I explain how to do this:

Aid from The Spacing Guild
Etarc Hub Is Open
[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

Here is the video of me arriving in the ETARC Hub in survival mode and demonstrating how to use the portal address to move there:


Official launch video for the ETARC Hub HEAD Project:

Here is a video by another Spacing Guild member, Red_Wings_2014, arriving in the ETARC Hub to begin exploring:


The ETARC Star Chain is visible from both space and planet surfaces!

Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!

I noticed this about an hour ago. Very exciting!


Now that is cool!!!


So it is almost desirable to have a home base in the surrounding stars not in the actual chain, so it can be viewed from home. I never realised the stars visible from the terrestrial surfaces matched the actual constellations seen in the galactic map. NMS is full of surprises. :grinning:


Here is a playlist of all the videos and livestreams of Spacing Guild members exploring the ETARC Hub. Currently there is content made by myself, Red_Wings_2014, and Jacob_2000_Lol and SG Vice Director BoomstickJoe


Update, my explorers are reporting they are starting to run out of stars to discover in Morshob. I’ll be checking out Bezesi to see how it’s coming along.


Are you being dramatic? Because if you’re serious, please slow it down a bit. There won’t be anything left for us :cry:

You guys are too good at your job :hushed:


I explored 2 new star systems in Bezesi tonight. My members won’t be exploring the star chain, that will be left for the ETARC leaders.


Added a link to original post to a thread that explains how to use the signal booster coordinates we give in our discovery lists to navigate to the stars where the rare discoveries are.


The Spacing Guild has concluded our HEAD project in the ETARC Hub. Together, we named, explored and recorded info for over 1000 stars and planets! (more were named by SG members than that, but a certain member did not record all of them ahem)

Use the link at the top of this thread to access our articles listing our discoveries to find the rare things you might be looking for. I reccomend @LordMarkov 's article as it is the longest and provides the most comprehensive info on all the good discoveries he made.


Are you serious? :open_mouth: That’s almost unbelievable. Did you explore outside Morshob and Besezi?


Wow! And to think only a few months back I was sitting all alone in at the bottom of an unnamed expance with only one system named.
Thanks to The Spacing Guild


No, all the stars and planets in our articles are from the two hub regions. That’s just how much there is in a star cluster in NMS; we did well over 1000 in the Leirnoria Hub and that was only one region.


Thank you! Spacing guild for all your hard work.