ETARC Hub Local's Shopping List

Thought I’d start this thread for those in & around the ETARC hub chain who are chasing down something in particular which doesn’t come up in the Star Chain Catalogue. A bit of a community locations swapper.


Currently in the market for blueprints for:
a Freighter Warp TAU.
an Economy Scanner.
and a starship Warp Reactor Theta.
If you spot one or more of these local to the hub could you post the system name and coordinates and possibly a rough description of where the system is in relation the the central star-chain.
Thanks in advance. :hugs:

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The Spacing Guild website has articles created during the exploration of the ETARC Hub that should include this information. (I am fairly certain that I discovered and cataloged all of those technologies in the article that I created).


After accessing the Spacing Guild’s comprehensive list of system discoveries in the Etarc Hub, we’ve managed to track down the Freighter Warp TAU & an Economy Scanner… so thanks for that :+1:
Also got coordinates for an Impact Damage Omega, which I’m yet to go find. (I’d forgotten they existed)

Any Etarcians in the hub area looking for a specific tech are advised to check out the Spacing Guilds lists & see how you go. Also, if you are after a specific ship there are some good lists of ships noted as well.

We’re still looking for a starship
Warp Reactor Theta
& a
Pulse Jet Theta
(which surprisingly don’t show up in the all of the ETARC Hub systems).
The hunt continues…


Sorry for the slight misinformation, I must have been thinking of the Freighter Warp Reactor Theta instead. The regular Warp Reactor Theta will be difficult to find, but you will be able to get it by completing the Nada and Polo quests.

Also, Pulse Jet Theta is not currently a technology in the game. They only go to Tau.

Thanks. I couldn’t remember if a Pulse Theta actually existed. (I can stop looking now).

Wife’s game has a bug where it has never given her the Atlas Pass 1.
We’re hoping completing all Nada/Polo requirements may fill in blanks resulting in a AP1 being given. Annoying not being able to access red drums.

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