Aid from The Spacing Guild


@MacForADay has offered the services of The Spacing Guild in the exploration of our Hub. You can see details about TSG’s H.E.A.D. service and more here.

Because of the nature of star-chains (they link 2 regions together) there will be plenty of space to explore. I personally can see us using these services, with conditions. What does everyone else think?


Space is too big for man and his ship


Sounds fine to me. I’ve always been curious as to how many systems do regions have?


I believe we will need the help.


How many users have signed up for the hub?


We don’t really have a sign up -register.
We have a group of interested parties that all seem keen to push forwards with the idea. As far as I know we haven’t don’t a head count.
Best eay to get numbers would be to look at the voting polls. Those most interested will have voted.


Most of my members aren’t on CSD, and several have expressed interest in exploring the ETARC Hub, so they will be additions to the numbers.

We will conform to whatever naming conventions you all decide on.


Having a foot in both camps, I would be happy to help either way.

However, I will not be moving to the area unless I decide to start another game save. (Unfortunately this year, I have neglected a stack of other games due to NMS that I wanted to get to at some point.) I would likely start that new game save if/ when we get another update the size of 1.3. I still have the extra spot from update 1.38 to utilize.


Once you are all ready, we just need the portal address of planet near the hub and I will start the HEAD project and TSG members will move there and begin exploring.


@MacForADay the Hub location has been decided. TSG is welcome to help explore the area. I only have one request: Please do not use TSG to explore the chain structure itself until ETARC members have had a chance to do so. I’d like to see that area reserved, at least for now. Of course, anyone who is a member of both is free to claim systems. Is that acceptable?


Yes, I will note in the HEAD project article for members to not claim stars in the star chain.


That seems fair. There are a lot of stars in the 2 regions not directly in the chain.


Here is the link for the Spacing Guild’s project to help explore the ETARC Hub: