Check your inbox, new message from Old Gods 7-2-18


Very interesting. Where can we submit them?

I haven’t got the email, anyone got a direct link to where they want us to share?

I’ll share in a sec. Lemme just load ETARC in my laptop…

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Or that can happen.

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So it seems we need Euclid portal coordinates.

I 'd like to nominate @Polyphemus to submit ETARCIA ECSD data for the ECSD Galaxy Hub. He was one of a group @Sir_oops @DevilinPixy that was originally there in the early discussion (I don’t recall all the others I wasn’t a member of the forum back then). There are several bases and things and planets named.

Anyone from that early group would be great. Maybe they can get together to agree on what data to include? :slight_smile: *shamelessly I know, there are some nice pictures of Mr Noodle’s base on planet Mr Noodles at the hub LOL


And then why it’s important.
Lemme get a screenshot…

Or not. My phone doesnt wanna work tonight. Can someone else get screenshots?

I think this maybe something to do with hub regions being shown on the galactic map and places of interest discovered by individuals…maybe??

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Precisely that.

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Also possibly maybe it will help NEXT place some early ‘Colonies’ structures and stuff at some of the locations for when it launches, players have something to explore and wander about in meet and greet sort of thing. Or new galaxy portal travel appears at some locations. Goodness knows what Hello Games will do with it all from everyone on every platform . :slight_smile:

He won’t be back until tomorrow.


Yes @Polyphemus is back in a day or so.

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Remember how people were theorizing about cities? Maybe this is how they’re iterated!

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Possible. If they put in a support structure for hub-like entities, it would make sense to ask the community for help gathering putting the current data together instead of scouring their database and trying to figure out what is what.
On the other hand, this might just be information gathering for a eulogy. One last snapshot of what the unvierse looked like before it was completely thrown out the window.

Could go either way…


You could be right on either, however I think the former is more likely

It hasn’t stated if this is time sensitive tho, could be an ongoing thing even after the update

I gave them my current planet in permadeath coordinates, ogiwagi galaxy (or however it’s spelled)