[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

Only logo currently in the running to be logo of the Frontiers, when the time comes, get out and vote. If you got ideas on this get over to https://forums.etarc.org/t/citizen-scientists-division-needs-collaborative-user-designed-logo/2728 and participate.

Thread to ETARC HUB’s main threads, https://forums.etarc.org/t/etarc-hub-waking-etarc-forum-hub/3098?u=sir_oops

Original mission statement

The Frontiers Division is the first initiative of it’s kind in the Mercury Subroutine. It is being created for the true nomads, pioneers and explorers. The duty of the Frontiers Division will be to explore the farthest reaches of the Mercury Subroutine in an attempt to reach the true galactic core of the 257th dimension. Along the way, they will be claiming worlds for CSD hubs and report back to our forums with occasional reports of their best finds, with some coordinates and screenshots if they are inclined to. A Frontiers Division project leader will be elected in the next phase of voting.

(To be clear I am not the elected project leader, i’m just an intern-instigator see disclaimer)

Frontiers Division is for nomads and more casual players. It will mostly require posting your best finds on a dedicated part of the forums with some coordinates. Scouts of the universe, if you will. Their ultimate goal is the reach the true center of the galaxy, and claim systems in the name of ETARC & CSD on their way there, basically leaving a breadcrumb trail of discoveries in their wake.
Everything is done on a volunteer basis, so anytime you feel like stopping this roleplaying to do something else in game, you can.
~ @SlowRiot4NuZero

To further expand on this I would like to propose we set up a interstate system, a galactic bypass, a trans-galactic highway to catch up players (puddle jumping) to the front line. Setting up Outpost near the center of each galaxy. Providing Portal address, a Geobay, and a beacon (and/or trail of communication balls) to nears habitable base. By sharing the address we should be able to make great jumps toward the true center.


Long term goals:

#1) Get to the true center.
:fireworks: Yilsrussimil the 257th galaxy and on to the True-Center :fireworks:

#2) Set up a network of one system outposts one jump from the center of each galaxy.
These outpost systems will be tag as “ETARC Nameofyourchoose” and one planet (with portal) claimed for the CSFD. We will collect/tag multiple outpost around each center and vote on official outpost, that will be posted via flyer, for public use.

#5) Maintain Outposts, What ever that may mean. Group of members or Member set up bases on planet, system or neighboring system.

#4) Scout and report to the Etarc, CSDI or CSD of potential Hub regions.
We will collect/tag multiple system/planet on the way to centers tag as “(ETARC)name”

#5) For the shrugging god’s sake, have fun! :v::fist::love_you_gesture::call_me_hand: Also, Zig get some sleep.

“What long term goals are you interested in?”

  • #1 Pushing toward the true center, claiming in the name of Etarc and CSFD.
  • #2 Scouting for Outpost near galactic centers.
  • #3 Maintaining an Outpost.
  • #4 Scouting for the unknown, and finding homes for Hubs.
  • #5 I’ve seen things!

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Short term goals:

  • Define suitable outpost
  • A fast travel guide

Outpost list

[ETARC HUB]: CSFD Address reporting
To keep track of reports entered into TPL, I will Like reply.

CSFD Outpost List (OPL)
This list will be chosen form the TPL and voted on by all Frontiers or the whole hub.

CSFD Temporary outpost List (TPL)
This list is to get us there, before official outpost are chosen by vote.


CSFD Frontiers Member List (FML)

Sign up today!
I realize some have already done this, but if you could bear with me, Those with status set as active in the FML do not need to comment, I have your date.
Check both if you wish to sign up. Your initial comment of location will be your activation date.

  • Sign me up!
  • My Platform, Galaxy and DTC (Distance To Center) will be in the comments.

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  • Nice graphic to get your ship back after entering Portals

If you don’t have a portal address, send signal booster coordinates,

  • No Man’s Sky Portals Decoder Site

Question list:


  1. What is a suitable Planet for an outpost?
  2. What is a suitable System for an outpost?
  3. Speed, Speed, Speed… How do we get there fast?
  4. What am I missing? Let me know.
Secondary, not important right,now!


  1. Should we have ranks? like Scout, Puddle-jumper, Nomad, Frontiersmen, or Trailblazer.
  2. Should rank and positions be by nominations, seconded, and then vote.
  3. Should we have a code of conduct?
  4. Break into squadrons? Up to 16? start with 4 or 8?

*Disclaimer: The CSFD is operating in an unofficial capacity. All these questions, missions and really this whole OP, will be voted on by the Etarc(name pending), Which is the governing Hub of the CSFD of Etarc(name pending), nothing is set in stone yet. Just to be clear if you are in the CSFD, you are in the hub and have a vote, home or abroad. Please, throw more queries my way, i’ll added them to the list. Then we can priorities them. At that point we can call upon the Etarc hub to sort us out and restructure as the see fit. Also, to quote SlowRiot4NuZero, again. “I’m just the instigator.” and an intern-instigator, at that. and a touch impatient. when the time comes I will gladly let the New elected Leader take over. :v::fist::love_you_gesture::call_me_hand:

No, no, no. CSD Hub will be pure, direct democracy. No smoke screens, no dictatorship. I’m just the instigator. I will submit my name as a project leader for PS4 in Euclid but I will also go through the same voting process as all other applicants, so I very well may not be ‘‘THE GUY’’
~ SlowRiot4NuZero

_edits:_ Sorry, I edit a lot, trying to get the hang of this.

a: added members, general format, added question list,
b: added temporary outpost in euclid, revised proposal, added member
c: added quotes , add member, did some striking out of stuff, little tweaking. added *note.
d: changed list to google doc (FML, OPl, TPL), added ref., worked on format
e: Added portal decoder and struck secondary question for now.
f: Added temporary logo, [ETARC HUB] to Topic title, and short discription on TPL and OPL
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_I: added goal poll and member poll. reread entire OP. tweeted disclaimer


You can count me in for the PC team. I was in the 1st poll :wink:

At the moment, because of the bugs, many people didn’t finish quests yet so it’s difficult to know “who is where ?”
Personally i didn’t make a choice after Artemis quest, i wanted to know what we’ll do before.


I’d like to contribute when I can. Count me in on the PC side.

Still in Euclid but have a long term goal to get to the 13th galaxy (for starters :slight_smile: )

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Welcome aboard. I’m one of those, hope to finish in the next galaxy.

Welcome aboard @wyo, Maybe you can run the Ontiniangp Outpost.

It might be a while but that would be awesome!

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I’m a Day 1 player so as a result, I have avoided Atlas and Artemis quest-lines until the bugs have been squished.

Plus it’s like learning how to play a brand new game so I’m just enjoying getting to grips with it all again at the moment by doing the base missions.

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Sounds good, I’ll put you on the bench. If this works the way I think it will, you can always take the CSFD Interstate(trans-galactic Highway) to the front line. :smile: Or we could call it “CSD hyperspace bypass” poor @ArthurDent, will have to bulldoze his planet, again. (can’t believe there is no Arthur Dent user in here.)

Certainly. In the meanwhile I will be happy to document and scout unexplored regions in the name of the CSFD.

Will there be a naming classification to follow? (Systems/Planets)

I was also thinking of putting together a questionnaire type document for each new planet/system, I can draw something up if you want? Was just thinking we need something standardized and that can be copied and pasted to a designated thread here maybe.

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I was going to leave that up to The CSD hub, I think, not sure what happening there.

I Don’t think we got to “phase 3”

Couldn’t hurt to draft something up.

more from SlowRoit on this.

idea: From portal to base we could encourage travelers to leave communication balls. A trail of sentiments of fellow pilgrims as you travel the Trans-Galactic Byway (name pending).

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Hey i’m back. Still alive. THANK YOU for this! I gotta catch up with everything that happenned while I was away.


This is an awesome idea and something i wish was fully implemented into the game. I always wanted certain quadrants and sections of the galaxies to basically act like the different cities and villages in Skyrim. And expanding on the new guild missions much more and again like in Skyrim,u could start actually doing missions for said race,etc.

This way they could actually implement Balaron and Korvax Prime,and other such actual ingame lore planets, whgich i think would add a lot to the novelty and feeling of permanance and realness of the Universe.

But this is a great start!!! Will help if i can!!

im on ps4 btw.

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Excited, I like it. It maybe a long haul. Could I get your current location, Galaxy and distance from center, when you have time? I should probably add that.

:grinning: Name, rank, Location! :laughing: We don’t have ranks, I’m just kidding.

wow, your in Budullangr! I saulte you :vulcan_salute: (that’s the only one they had.:grin:)

Can I join or am I too far out?

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I doubt it since our goal is the ‘last’ 257? galaxy!

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For sure, can I get your location? Galaxy: distance to center.

I’m in the Kikolgallr Galaxy 695732 from center